An illustration of the church

Published August 15th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson


So I was originally drawing a house then this came to me instead.

I was touched by his noodly appendage for sure.

Those things with wings are pirates.

And the top says “F.S.M. ‘And he spread his noodly goodness and saw it was good…’ ”


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  1. deanna says:


  2. psylow says:

    What a pretentious stupid website. Sorry, I don’t mean to be rude but I find pretty hilarious the fact that you see the theory of intelligent design as a 10years old boy would do…

    And the world was made in 7 days isn’t it?

    Any serious biologist would say that the evolution theory explains almost nothing. The qualitative gap between species is for exemple something they still are working on.

    I think you understand the evolution theory quite as well as the people you criticize understand intelligent design. But your concept is really funny, too bad you finally really wants to humiliate 2000years of occidental civilization. You for sure bit the ass of Pascal, Nietzsche and so…

  3. PastaPirate Josh says:

    I personally think that it should be built in the form of a pirate ship, but this is looks great, either way!

  4. creative chefs says:

    hey Ben,

    we’re just admiring your drawing (especially the flying pirates ;) ..) – and really hope to see more of you :)

    greetings – the chefs

  5. Gravelz says:

    Pirates can have wings?

  6. sirjj says:

    will there be noodles?????

  7. Coconut Pasta says:


    Nothing in Biology Makes Sense
    Except in the Light of Evolution

    -Theodosius Dobzhansky (1900-1975)

    Dobzhansky is one of the biggest of the big evolutionary biologists, ever, which I guess counters your claim of the lack of explaination evolution provides. Show me some kind of source that agrees with your view of the worthlessnes of evolution, please.

    Also, saying “occidental” makes you sound bombastic. Just a heads-up.


  8. YAR YAR YAR says:

    I’m loving the pirate angels over here! :D

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