An illustration of the church

Published August 15th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson


So I was originally drawing a house then this came to me instead.

I was touched by his noodly appendage for sure.

Those things with wings are pirates.

And the top says “F.S.M. ‘And he spread his noodly goodness and saw it was good…’ ”


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  1. Tall Guy says:

    As long as it is not a multi-million dollar church, we should be fine.

  2. Stephanie says:


  3. StJason says:

    …Just so long as the beer is good, the all-you-can-eat pasta bar is free, and the strippers pretty…

  4. Ubi Dubium says:

    Good so far, but can you put it aboard a Pirate Ship?

  5. Sand O'Can says:

    I can see two noodly appendages touching the illustration, on the right.

  6. Ark says:

    Are we useing Roman style cathedrals? what with the columns of lime and stained glass? maybe we should stick to the meat and taters of Pastafarianism, like a dry docked pirate ship of a church? AY BEER AND WENCHS ALL AROUND….All in the name of his Noodleyness i aassure you.

  7. Sean Boyd says:

    Is the stripper factory inside? That would be sweet.

  8. iek says:

    Pure, simple…. awesome.
    I am humbled ;>

    Ode to great Noodle,

    (pronouced.. eEE Ky eeEE kky… or somehting like that)

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