You say you have read the Bible

Published July 8th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

This message was directed towards one of our members:

You say you have read the Bible. If you did you would have took something away from it other than it was crap so I say you are a liar. Not only that reading the Bible and studding the bible is two different thing. The bible clearly states that we have been given free will to serve God or not to. And here is something for you to think about, God made Satan and when he made all the angels he gave them the free will to serve him too. But Satan the father of all deception, had come to deceive himself into believing he was as powerful as God him self. You see when God created Satan he was the most perfect angel of all, and had powers that God allowed him to have. So Satan got to big for his pants and God kicked him out of heaven, the same way we do with our children today with our households. He gave Satan rule of the earth so when you say all of our problems started with a talking snake. Sorry your wrong again, it started again with Satan the father of all deception. He was able to deceive Eve into eating from the tree of life. You see Adam and Eve were as children and as easy as it is to trick a child it was as easy for Satan to trick them into disobeying Gods commandment. You also say you want to stop the war in Iraq. The Bible states that with faith the size of a mustard seed we can move mountains. You don’t really want to stop the war you just say you do because the only way to overcome evil is with God on your side. If you were really for stopping the war you would pray for Gods mercy, and not mock his power or love. You make a comment on the fact that God is vengeful for your sins, “YES” you better believe it and if you don’t now you will someday. You also make a comment that God flooded the world and killed everyone because they did not agree with him your wrong it was not because the people did not agree with him he has told us how it is he doesn’t need us to agree with him he is the one that is wright. He flooded the would, because he seen that there was none of it was good. God spread the word that the world was going to be flooded, and if anyone would have believed him they would have started building something to float on man. But it is the same as God has told you in the greatest book ever written, he is coming again and if you are not ready and living your life for him, than your gonna burn in hell. So you better building something to float on. You also comment saying “Adolf hated Jewish people of religion and race God hates Jews of religions”. Man are you sure you have read the same bible as me because my God “so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believing him should not parish, but have ever lasting life” JOHN 3:16 and JOHN 3:17 says For God sent not his son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. How is that anything like Adolf Hitler??????? Man you’ve gotta be kidding me your questions are so easy to answer, I just do not understand you say you have read the bible what did you read man????????

your stupidity puzzles me more than your questions. And to wrap up your stupid question after question. you commented that Christianity made groups like the kkk. What??? I mean man come on, you have got to tell where did you pull this from. Do you have a book of how to be dumb for dummies? The organization KKK is answered by MATTHEW 7:15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheeps clothing, but inwardly they are raving wolves. You better get on your knees and start praying man because you are playing with fire you don’t want to play with you are gambling with thing you really don’t want to be gambling with.


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  1. iSnIpEkItTeHs says:

    OMFSM i think tht guy got high halfway thru that cauz he starts goin “man”

    he also needs to get a life & learn to spell

  2. Shelldigger says:

    “The Farce is strong with this one”

    I have to say I regret seeing the level of stupid shown by the brainwashed masses. I will go to my grave wondering how the hell can they take an uncorrupted mind and twist it about so that all it knows is the “accuracy” and “truth” known in the holey babble. Should be a law against such abuse.
    The amazing thing about the process, is the aquisition of the ability to filter out facts that may conflict with their beliefs. Fingers in ears….la la la la la la la / fossils / la la la la la /evolution/ la la la la la / geology/ la la la la la / big bang/ la la la la la/ anthropology/ la la la la la/ archaeology/ la la la la la/ biology/ la la la ….it just boggles the mind of those who still have one.

    On one hand you have the rubes who buy all the shit they’ve been told, on the other hand you have the smart ones…the ones in control, who continue to spread the disease. The guys that constantly attack the sciences with strawman aguments and red herrings, always talking but never saying anything. Always objecting real evidence but never presenting any to support their claims. Its a big game they are playing, with the goal being religion in your school, poisoning the minds of children…bad enough they do it with their own, they wont be happy till every one in this nation is a damn godbot….much like this hate mailer.

    Before you stamp me a conspiracy theorist, best do some digging. I wish I was wrong. These sons of bitches are out there, trying to pass legislation that allows religion being taught in public schools.
    So far they have been beaten in court, with reason taking the upperhand, but they will not go away any time soon. Stay vigilant folks, and pass the pasta!

    …I didnt mean to go on such a rant, sometimes when the words start to flow, it gains a life of its own.

  3. Drained and Washed Clean says:

    To #183:

    “If you know God you know that you have to be considered RIGHTOUS by God in order to be allowed to believe in Him and to build a something to float on the waters of the flood so you later on can step on the CLEANSED earth again”

    First, it is “righteous”, just FYI. And now God has to ALLOW me to believe in him? Wow, I must be in time out right now…

    And you make these blanket statements that we just have our information wrong. If we just read the buybull then we will understand and believe. What is funny is the MORE I read the buybull, the LESS I believed. Is that the effect it is supposed to have?

    I have believed, and then I woke up. At some point will you people realize that most atheists know the buybull better than you do, and quoting it is not going to change our minds? Quoting the buybull and then saying “do you believe now?” (with your eyes lit up with excitement and thinking “I have him/her now!!!”) is like reading an Aesop fable and saying “There! Don’t you now believe that the lion and the mouse spoke to each other and the mouse pulled out the lion’s splinter?” The answer is still NO! If you want to convince any of us that you are right, stop quoting a book of fairy tales and start showing some real evidence!

    Yes, yes, now go ahead and threaten me with eternal damnation for mocking the “word of god”… blah blah blah. We have heard it all before. How about you come back with something we can actually have a discussion about instead of just assuming you are right while not actual providing any proof to your view of the world. By the way, do you still believe that the world is 6,000 years old? Just curious…

    Peace and Sauciness,

  4. TheFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

    “God has told you in the greatest book ever written”
    Brandon, perhaps you can tell us dummies why God didn’t do a better job with the BuyBull.
    Why did he have so many ghost writers re-hashing, contradicting and editing each other?
    People who were merely spewing third-hand (or MUCH worse) fairy tales badly translated
    from other languages, yet.

    Greatest book ever written? If you like it so much, why not try one of the sequels, like the Koran
    or the book of Moroni? Even more nonsense to waste your time trying to make sense of.

  5. Jacek says:

    I like your blog

  6. CrudOMatic says:

    The bible says:

    murder murder murder, hate hate hate, sexism, racism, homophobia, jealousy, rage, spitefulness, rape, slavery, A LITTLE BIT OF LOVE, FOR THE JEWS (god’s chosen), more hate, some COMMON sense, more slavery, more homophobia and sexism… then god destroys man.

    That is so precious and loving. Makes me feel warm that god hates all humans and wants to see them suffer – while elevating his “chosen people”

    Pro-tip: If a religion’s God has a “chosen people”, it is racist and hateful.

  7. guy says:

    this is an acutual honest question or two
    Q1 :Is god all power fulll
    if yes ?- then why did e et bin laden commit rganized terrorism or are you ging to suggest that was “Gods Plan ” cos if it was then god killed my effing parents

  8. gu says:

    Q2:If a jewish man who leads a perfect life and devotes himself to helping others dies does he go to hell if yes -?- then ur a filthy hypoctrite becuase it ses in the bible only christians go to heaven
    If no ?- then your god is a foul disguting NONEXSISTANT deluded suppresing scum who is guilty of ( take a deep bretah and see if you can say all of these things in the same bref …thought so )- racism , sexism hieghtism , wisthism , slavery , dominence , defoestation , murder , rape , exicution without trial , murder to prove point , manslughter , cuase of suicide , vandalism ,hate , lust , greed , pride


    always remember
    oh and by the way

    what do all these people have in commen : Hitler , Bin lden , bush , richerd the second ,stalin , the gestapo, al capone , jack the ripper and you
    1 Everyone hates them all

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