You say you have read the Bible

Published July 8th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

This message was directed towards one of our members:

You say you have read the Bible. If you did you would have took something away from it other than it was crap so I say you are a liar. Not only that reading the Bible and studding the bible is two different thing. The bible clearly states that we have been given free will to serve God or not to. And here is something for you to think about, God made Satan and when he made all the angels he gave them the free will to serve him too. But Satan the father of all deception, had come to deceive himself into believing he was as powerful as God him self. You see when God created Satan he was the most perfect angel of all, and had powers that God allowed him to have. So Satan got to big for his pants and God kicked him out of heaven, the same way we do with our children today with our households. He gave Satan rule of the earth so when you say all of our problems started with a talking snake. Sorry your wrong again, it started again with Satan the father of all deception. He was able to deceive Eve into eating from the tree of life. You see Adam and Eve were as children and as easy as it is to trick a child it was as easy for Satan to trick them into disobeying Gods commandment. You also say you want to stop the war in Iraq. The Bible states that with faith the size of a mustard seed we can move mountains. You don’t really want to stop the war you just say you do because the only way to overcome evil is with God on your side. If you were really for stopping the war you would pray for Gods mercy, and not mock his power or love. You make a comment on the fact that God is vengeful for your sins, “YES” you better believe it and if you don’t now you will someday. You also make a comment that God flooded the world and killed everyone because they did not agree with him your wrong it was not because the people did not agree with him he has told us how it is he doesn’t need us to agree with him he is the one that is wright. He flooded the would, because he seen that there was none of it was good. God spread the word that the world was going to be flooded, and if anyone would have believed him they would have started building something to float on man. But it is the same as God has told you in the greatest book ever written, he is coming again and if you are not ready and living your life for him, than your gonna burn in hell. So you better building something to float on. You also comment saying “Adolf hated Jewish people of religion and race God hates Jews of religions”. Man are you sure you have read the same bible as me because my God “so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believing him should not parish, but have ever lasting life” JOHN 3:16 and JOHN 3:17 says For God sent not his son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. How is that anything like Adolf Hitler??????? Man you’ve gotta be kidding me your questions are so easy to answer, I just do not understand you say you have read the bible what did you read man????????

your stupidity puzzles me more than your questions. And to wrap up your stupid question after question. you commented that Christianity made groups like the kkk. What??? I mean man come on, you have got to tell where did you pull this from. Do you have a book of how to be dumb for dummies? The organization KKK is answered by MATTHEW 7:15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheeps clothing, but inwardly they are raving wolves. You better get on your knees and start praying man because you are playing with fire you don’t want to play with you are gambling with thing you really don’t want to be gambling with.


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  1. DeepThorn says:

    And how is that not more stupid than FSM? Your “all knowing” God was stupid enough to create evil and give it too much power, even if it wasn’t evil at the time, your God should have been all knowing enough to realize that he was going to turn evil. So therefore, your religion is just are crazy as FSM.

  2. Laine says:

    wow….i just… wow. really lacking of any sign of intelligence. wow. first of all, Sirjoe_rmit did you REALLY say that there is no universe and that we cannot prove that there is one? cause i think… i think we did. huh, crazy. secondly, i am going to have to go ahead and say that Brandon, i see what you were TRYING to do here with very sad representation of the english language, i mean, there were some parts that i had to read aloud to make sure that i was actually reading the words that you typed. “He flooded the would, because he seen that there was none of it was good.” oh my flying spaghetti monster. you do know that that isn’t english, right? it was right around here that i went from thinking that you were just a poor, uneducated fool, but then i read “if anyone would have believed him they would have started building something to float on man.” and realized you were just stoned. oh yea, one more thing, “You also comment saying “Adolf hated Jewish people of religion and race God hates Jews of religions”.” i am going to have to ahead and defend my fellow believers in FSM and say that all of us are obviously on the brighter side, and i am fairly certain that one of them didn’t say that. maybe they said something to that effect…well, actually, i don’t know, since that doesn’t make any sense. may i suggest that you become a library card holder and read a new book.

  3. ObscurePasta says:

    Several things about this spring out at me, firstly, why does you’re spelling and grammar get worse, you started off as the most articulate I’ve read so far… =(
    Also, you mention with faith the size of a mustard seed, you could move a mountain, so can I ask you, what has your very own faith moved?
    Finally, “God gave angels the free will to serve him.” If he’s making them serve him which he did, this is not free will…

  4. Ken Chiancone says:

    So God was so disturbed by Satan’s lack of faith, so infuriated, that he GAVE HIM AN ENTIRE PLANET?!?! WTF!?!? That’s like a father going,”Son, I’m rally mad at you back-talking me and being disrespectful, so here’s a new car!”. This guy is mentally unstable.

  5. J says:

    Yes I have read the first book of the BIBLE which is known as the TORAH, and in the TORAH SATAN IS NEVER EVEN MENTIONED! Also if “God” really did not want us worshiping other “false gods” then why are there oh, lets say Hindus still around? In addition to THAT you say “only way to overcome evil is with God on your side” well than how did anyone overcome “evil” before “God” existed? Plus if “God” “Flooded the world” than why are there no dolphin bones in Austraila. You see you are an idotic christian literalist who thinks everything in the Bible is 100% true. Well guess what? ITS NOT! I mean if the Bible said “and then God formed the Earth from his own shit…” you would belive that.
    Also if the Bible said “Jesus was born arom three men” you would belive that too. Oh, by the wa, TECHNICALLY I am a Christian. Pastafarians=500 You=-1500 Me=Infinity.

  6. Ember says:

    I personally have never studded the Bible.

    And the KKK was started by groups of Christian radicals who probably believed that ‘false prophets’ were corrupting a nation by demanding equality for all. If you take the time to look at old debates on whether or not African’s should be considered equal or not, then you will see that BOTH sides of the debate cited the Bible.

  7. D Data says:

    You need a lot of corrections:

    #1 Line 11—A saint of God does not talk like that because it brings an unclean imagery to the mind of the reader.

    #2 Line 12—God did not kick Satan out of Heaven;Michael and his holy angels did.

    #3 Line 13—God did not give the rule of the earth to Satan.(God gave the rule of the earth to Adam and Eve.)Adam and Eve did give rule of the earth to Satan by disobeying God.

    #4 Line 17—Eve did not eat from the tree of Life(The Messaiah was not born yet.);she ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

    #5 Line 17—Adam and Eve were not children;they were not born but they were created first hand by God.Adam named all the animals.Children need to learn how to speak and then they need to learn the names of the animals let alone make those names.

    #6 Line 20—It is not Christian’s job to start or stop a war.We are not part of this world’s system;we only live in this world.Jesus said that there will be war until the last day.A Christian can only pray that the best man wins.The best man is the government that allows the Gospel to be preached in their territory.Some of the Old Testament Prophets fortold about the recent Middle East wars.It is the coming to pass of this passage:”Sit at my right hand(Jesus Christ) and I will make your enemies your foot stool.”.
    God also promised to Abraham that wherever his foot touched the ground (From the city of Ur near Euphrate river to the Mediterainian Sea)it will be given to his children who are Abraham’s fleshly children who are the Jews and not his spiritual children through the blood of Jesus who are Christians.The holy angels of God have to bring all of these promises of God to pass before Jesus comes on the clouds of glory.Because ,the natural promise of the Jews inheriting the Sacred land has to happen before the spiritual promise of Christians going to Heaven.

    #7 Lines 34&35—If you know God you know that you have to be considered RIGHTOUS by God in order to be allowed to believe in Him and to build a something to float on the waters of the flood so you later on can step on the CLEANSED earth again.This is also true today .That is why you need the rightousness of Jesus Christ(through his shed blood at the Calvary by obeying Acts.2:38)and you can’t go to Heaven on your own.Because,in the dispensation of Grace only Jesus Christ has been considered by God as a RIGHTOUS man and believing in him(believing requires obeying what he says)is enough to buy you a ticket to Heaven.

    #8 Lines 39&40—The Jews asked for the crucifiction of Jesus Christ and they said:” Let the curse of it fall upon us and our children .”For that reason they had hard times for about 1878 years in the nations they were sent to by God including Germany.Just as He said :”I will give one third to the sword,I will give one third to famine ,and I will give one third to wandering on earth” .Hitler on the other hand did hate the Jews and wanted to kill all of the Jews (if he could) because Satan(in him)did not want them to go to the Sacred land of Israel as God promised their forefathers so the Word of God would not be able to come to pass.

    #9 Lines 43&44—Most of the Jews (as we all know)don’t believe in John 3:16 and John 3:17 and they perish spiritually just like every other unbeliever even though they now live in the promise land of Israel.
    So,they are missing on God’s promise of going to Heaven by not being able to believe (obey) in Jesus Christ because God has given to people free will.

    #9 Lines 50,51&54—Christians are children of God and like God according to John 3:16 and John 3:17 they love the world’s people. They are obliged by Love to be polite because it is written:”Love is not rude!”

    #10 Lines 55—KKK are created by people who have not obeyed Acts.2:38,therefore they are not Christians.They are not ruled by Christ but by selfishness and fear of other people(Like the Germans who followed Hitler into the ditch.).They are confused by this passage in the which God commands people to marry their own kind and not the animals so as to avoid beastiality.(Remember ,animals are creatures who don’t talk ,maybe except for Koko who knew how to do sign language—I wonder what her response would have been if her trainer would have talked to her about the Gospel.)

    #11 Every Line— It is important to tell the Truth in Love.We all have potential to sin and different one of us are prone to different sins,that is why we live under Grace.Even after we get used to the idea of practicing what Jesus teaches we might have a lapse in one or more areas.This passage helps every true Christians:”Work your salvation with fear(of God) and tremblings.”which excludes war lovers,slave takers,money lovers,hi brow educators,luxury livers,pleasure seekers, and every other type of selfish people.

  8. MAN says:

    I like the quote “your stupidity puzzles me”

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