You say you have read the Bible

Published July 8th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

This message was directed towards one of our members:

You say you have read the Bible. If you did you would have took something away from it other than it was crap so I say you are a liar. Not only that reading the Bible and studding the bible is two different thing. The bible clearly states that we have been given free will to serve God or not to. And here is something for you to think about, God made Satan and when he made all the angels he gave them the free will to serve him too. But Satan the father of all deception, had come to deceive himself into believing he was as powerful as God him self. You see when God created Satan he was the most perfect angel of all, and had powers that God allowed him to have. So Satan got to big for his pants and God kicked him out of heaven, the same way we do with our children today with our households. He gave Satan rule of the earth so when you say all of our problems started with a talking snake. Sorry your wrong again, it started again with Satan the father of all deception. He was able to deceive Eve into eating from the tree of life. You see Adam and Eve were as children and as easy as it is to trick a child it was as easy for Satan to trick them into disobeying Gods commandment. You also say you want to stop the war in Iraq. The Bible states that with faith the size of a mustard seed we can move mountains. You don’t really want to stop the war you just say you do because the only way to overcome evil is with God on your side. If you were really for stopping the war you would pray for Gods mercy, and not mock his power or love. You make a comment on the fact that God is vengeful for your sins, “YES” you better believe it and if you don’t now you will someday. You also make a comment that God flooded the world and killed everyone because they did not agree with him your wrong it was not because the people did not agree with him he has told us how it is he doesn’t need us to agree with him he is the one that is wright. He flooded the would, because he seen that there was none of it was good. God spread the word that the world was going to be flooded, and if anyone would have believed him they would have started building something to float on man. But it is the same as God has told you in the greatest book ever written, he is coming again and if you are not ready and living your life for him, than your gonna burn in hell. So you better building something to float on. You also comment saying “Adolf hated Jewish people of religion and race God hates Jews of religions”. Man are you sure you have read the same bible as me because my God “so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believing him should not parish, but have ever lasting life” JOHN 3:16 and JOHN 3:17 says For God sent not his son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. How is that anything like Adolf Hitler??????? Man you’ve gotta be kidding me your questions are so easy to answer, I just do not understand you say you have read the bible what did you read man????????

your stupidity puzzles me more than your questions. And to wrap up your stupid question after question. you commented that Christianity made groups like the kkk. What??? I mean man come on, you have got to tell where did you pull this from. Do you have a book of how to be dumb for dummies? The organization KKK is answered by MATTHEW 7:15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheeps clothing, but inwardly they are raving wolves. You better get on your knees and start praying man because you are playing with fire you don’t want to play with you are gambling with thing you really don’t want to be gambling with.


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  1. Melinda Dillon says:

    I studded the Bible for years and years when I was a born again whackadoodle. It’s crap. Oh, and fundies always get to the threats…always.

  2. Randy Chesley says:

    Free Will: Does a child choose freely when he is deceived? Are you aware of neurology, well it suggests that our choices and desires come from chemicals in the brain… Change the chemicals and structures and you change the choices and personalities… Free will? Also, what about cultures that never heard of god? How can they freely choose something they never heard of and save themselves from a flood, or save themselves from anything else for that matter? Is it just coincidence that everyone in japan freely chooses to reject jesus?

    Satan deceived himself and other angels did not!! Did Satan choose to have this deceitful nature? That doesnt seem to rational. Did satan freely choose to not be rational? That doesnt make much sense at all now does it? No rational mentally healthy being, unless they have a mental defect thus making them not mentally healthy, would freely choose any of these qualities.. Why didnt god make satan like the rest of the angels? ie Why didnt god make satan mentally healthy and therefore getting him closer to making a free choice, not a confused choice.

    If one is deceived then one is not making a free choice at all because he is not aware of what he is doing. God had the power to take away this deceitful nature and make satan truely free… Once again, why would any healthy, rational mind freely choose a deceitful nature? Also, doesnt god give us our natures, abilities and tendancies? If you change these things would not our choices change as well… Not to mention how certain experiences change choices…

    What about god making pots for noble use and everyday use…its in the bible.

    Calvin was right, Christians just dont want to admit it.

    Try this mental exercise… someone can steal it and publish it for themselves oh well….

    Why does god do things to make people believe and doesnt do things to make others believe?

    1) Paul saw an angel and he believed and If paul didnt see the angel he would not believe.
    2) Everybody has the ability to be saved sooooooo…….

    3) Therefore: Either people dont want to be saved, or god isnt doing enough to save people, or god doesnt want to save people…

    4) If people saw angels, miracles or any other evidence of god like Paul did, then more people would be saved.

    5) therefore, god is not doing enough to save people or he doesnt want to…

    Everyone, or at least almost everyone has a threshold to believe anything… If the threshold is reached (through any experience or circumstance necessary) people believe it, if it isnt reached then people dont believe it.

    But then the christian says that we will be coerced to believe if we saw an angel… However, an angel is evidence for god. Evidence is needed to make a rational, perhaps “free” choice… Are we coerced and not freely choosing to believe in scientific truths because we have good evidence for it. Good rational free choice demands good evidence. (period).

    So, where is your evidence that god did all these things? Why do you believe the bible to be true? Was it just an experience or a feeling you had or have? Is it reasonable to posit that something exists outside your mind when you only have experience of it in your mind?

    Ill tell you something, a very gifted neurologist could change your brain and make you demand higher evidence than that! Or for that matter, different genes or experiences could have done the same thing. What if you were born in a non Christian country and never heard of the bible at all…. then i guess that you would still, somehow, freely choose to follow the bible?…. the soul you say… well it seems that the soul is greatly affected by the structures of the brain…. read a book man, and learn how to spell.

  3. Arthur says:

    So for this reply I just need to get one thing out prior to starting in. I do notfollow the flying spaghetti monster, my religion is not important. As far as your claims on the bilbe go “You say you have read the Bible. If you did you would have took something away from it other than it was crap so I say you are a liar.” I have read it and did come away with somethings…. Levticus 12:2 to Levticus 12:8 (look it up, I did) any woman that did not take a “lamb of the first year” and a young pigeon or a turtledove for a “sin offering” and have their preist take them and make them a “burnt offering” is unclean. this should cover, oh I don’t know, most of todays Christian mothers. what I took away from this was: If this is what is in the Bible, and never taken out through numerous revisions and re-printings, what leg does anyone, who follows this religion, have to critcize anyone elses religion?

    “He gave Satan rule of the earth so when you say all of our problems started with a talking snake.” Let me see if I understand this…. from your statement your “God” willingly and knowingly gave the rule of our entire planet over to Satan? Now does that sound like something that a merciful or compassionate God would do?

    “The Bible states that with faith the size of a mustard seed we can move mountains. You don’t really want to stop the war you just say you do because the only way to overcome evil is with God on your side. If you were really for stopping the war you would pray for Gods mercy, and not mock his power or love.”
    So it is my understanding, of the above, that there is not one person anywhere “…with faith the size of a mustard seed..” that is interested in “…we can move mountains.” stopping the war.

  4. MASTERPoE says:

    So the crusades were in the name of god and for the good of society? Get on your knees and pray for that one? You ask why we are not on our knees to pray for that end of war? Are you? No one likes war, but strangely religion is the most frequent cause of war. Forcing beliefs is a most interesting thing.

  5. Sarah says:

    Hoo-boy. I don’t even know where to start. Perhaps by constructing a stipper pole and buying a couple of kegs? We’re all screwed. Everyone needs to chill. Who really cares? I just want to get laid.

  6. Sarah says:

    So it is impossible for anyone to have read something and come to a different conclusion about it than you have? Science has demonstrated that everyone has a slightly different interpretation of even the most basic stimuli they encounter, so according to your logic, only one person in history could ever have read the bible, and because the bible existed long before you were born, I must conclude that that person was not you. So, according to your logic you have never read the bible either and are therefore a liar. But that’s OK, the FSM is benevolent and forgiving, and even if he does end up sending you to hell, you’ll only have to deal with stale beer and disease-riddled strippers, which is really no problem if you abstain from drinking and sex, which I’m sure you do (seeing as you are a good little Christian). RAmen.

  7. Louis says:

    I believe in the flying spaghetti monster and i stand by that.
    Seriously chill out. Half this site is die hard Christians like you who get a kick out of telling us we’ll burn in hell. If you think what you’re doing is fun you really need to get off your arse and take a walk.


  8. BB79 says:

    I wonder which bible YOU read – for some reason you seem to think that Lucifer, Satan and the Serpent are all the same character…

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