the passion

Published July 2nd, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

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Artist unknown.

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  1. Black Ethel Bonney says:

    RAmen. Let’s eat!

  2. IzoZup says:

    I always thought their was something fishy about Allah “Peace be upon him” and his prophet “Peace also be upon him”. I now know they were created by the FSM the one true God “May his noodle appendage touch you” and have converted from Islam to Pastafarianism. Thank you for helping me through this trying time.


  3. PhillyChief says:

    Indeed Aina, this is sick. Where are his balls?

  4. Insightful Ape says:

    Mike Brown, if god sent his only begotten son to die for us, such that we would be forgiven(because he knew no better way to forgive us)why was it that he didn’t see to it that some documentary(or written, at least)accounts FROM HIS LIFETIME would be preserved for posterity? Why is it that Paul said nothing about those great miracles? Who wrote the gospels(certainly not the people whose names they carry) and when? Why didn’t they get the story of resurrection straight among themselves? On what grounds were the “apocryphal” gospels rejected? Don’t you think “improbable” is too gnenrous a description for a religion that claims 3 things, with different attributes…are one and the same?
    To Bobby: I’d suggest his comment be posted in the Hate Mail section. It would generate a lively debate.

  5. phyxdough says:

    Insightful Ape-Man,
    I agree. Mr. Brown does seem to be a bit more of a challenge to debate than most of the other whackos that visit this shrine to FSM.

    Please invite Mr. Brown to take up the cross for his fellow Jesus fanatics. My guess is, he’s been well-educated by one of the few churches that actually treat their faith in an intellectual manner and would be a great addition to this site and help those who are on the edge of the pasta bowl to better decide for themselves. Also, a better adversary for those Pastafarians who regularly trounce the fundies (I don’t like the term fundies – there’s nothing fun about them.)

  6. Einstein says:

    Damn monster Jesus is cool you suck stupid monster go to the hell maybe there you will be holy!

    • Keith says:

      I’m nearly five years late in commenting on this but is this sentence saying that jeebus is a monster? Einstein is a prime example of why people should be taught punctuation. A full stop or a comma in the right place can work wonders.

  7. wedding guest book says:

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  8. Roy Southers says:

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