where did the first big rock come from and what hit it?

Published July 4th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

Not a hate-mail, but I don’t have a category for this sort:

I am not a scientist but I am a teacher (not in florida). I am a Christian and personally believe in intelligent design. However, I do not believe it is my place to force Christianity into the classroom either. I will live my life as a Christian and feel free to share my faith when necessary and unforcefully. Anyway, I don’t think anyone will get anywhere in this argument. First, even if there was a “Big Bang” where did the first big rock come from and what hit it? Even science can’t explain something coming from nothing. On the flip-side even Christians can’t explain when or how God began. All I know is that science can only explain so much and so does the bible. So, it’s faith in either God or Science. Faith that God did it or that science will discover it. I personally believe that science studies God’s creation including scientific laws. I also believe that there are some things in the Holy Bible that will better understood in the end. Even the gospels told of secrets that were not shared with the masses. Also, who can argue that evolution exists? That’s fact!!! The argument is creation v. just happening.

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  1. St. pastabeard says:

    A. creation IS just happening
    B. It wasn’t a big rock.

    Thank you and have a nice day.

  2. Swiftovski says:

    @ Christian #155

    The concept of blasphemy is not one that occurs to many atheists I would have thought. You talk about Intelligent Design as if it is a fact, which is one of the fatal flaws in Christian argument. Too many of you presume to know things for certain. Science is about theories with evidence behind them, of which Evolution is one. It would be foolish to presume that evolution as we know it is a certain thing that actually happened, rather we see it as a very, very likely way in which the biodiversity of this planet has become so rich. This still does not make it 100% certain. The ‘huge change’ which you say must have taken place between apes and humans is not as huge as you think. We are remarkably similar in alot of ways. What you have to remember is that this process of mutations and natural selection has been going on for billions and billions of years. Plenty of time for these changes to take place when you think about it. Humans just can’t grasp the concept of such a huge timescale, and so they assume these changes are impossible. Intelligent design is a parasite that feeds off true science. It makes me sad to think that potentially every major scientific discovery to do with creation and life just gets sucked up, processed and churned out again by religions to try and make their fairy tales more realistic. And also, your claim that introducing Christianity to people makes them smarter is really quite short-sighted. All it does is teach them to shrug their shoulders and ignore reason.

    May his Noodliness touch you with his almighty appendage.

  3. CrudOMatic says:

    Simple answer is that you can never know (won’t get into religion “knowing” – you seem like a nice person and I don’t want to hurt your feelings, unlike all the other nasty religious people that come here).

    TRUE Scientists never claim to know origin, just processes – as you as a science teacher should know already. If there was a previous universe, then of course all knowledge and life and even matter were wiped out.

    Protons are the only subatomic particle we know of that has a “half-life”. Eventually, as before – assuming protons will cease to exist (as they have a half-life) – the universe will become a neutron-electron-quark soup, with no protons to form matter as we know it.

    As within neutron stars, we see than massively dense matter structures can exist without protons – as the neutron star becomes more dense, it “kicks out” it’s protons – quite a strange structure indeed – but it exists.

    As assumption, the remaining subatomic particles will coalesce into a massive universal superstructure (like a neutron star only MUCH BIGGER), without positive charge. Under such EXTREME conditions odd things will become commonplace. The thought is that under these conditions, if a proton was ever created from these strange reactions – all that neutral/negative matter will rush to join with it – thus creating a cataclysm of the most epic proportions – a neutral/negatively charged universe suddenly having just a single positive charge would be a bigger cataclysm than ANY mind could ever imagine. You can think as you like, but in my ideal that would create a massive explosion/displacement of matter – possibly even the creation of MORE positive charge. It’s very logical – yet unimaginable – we are only less than mere specs in the universe as a whole.

    This in all logic would be what is called a “big bang”, setting the universe back into motion with the now rare positive charge spreading like wildfire. Thus the universe heads down a new path. It is scary, but it is existence. We verily could have been the result of that last cycle before us. Entirely new things could exist in our place, or even in their own place afterward.

    This is NOT to be mistaken with the creation of life – that is a totally different set of circumstances – it is only the re-creation of matter as we know it.

    Now getting to religion, the quickest way to become an atheist/agnostic is to actually READ the bible – and NOT try to justify the brutality and hatred in it. Just read it WITHOUT your “Bible Glasses” on. There is no way in good will I can ally myself with such a being. I cannot – I weep for my sweet race, trapped in this endless cycle of death and enslavement – and when you look at it, religion is the cause of the VAST MAJORITY of it. I understand there are some good principles, but they are common sense – not divine. All that evil within those books frightens me to no end.

    All I can do is just try to rise above all that, all the flaws of religion and mankind, and work for a better tomorrow. Who knows? In a couple hundred years, people may not need this mysticism to feel comfortable with the truth and the universe.

    Have a good day, and I hope I helped you understand something about atheists and agnostics.

  4. Ajit Sharma says:

    This is only our assumption and we can not say something accurately as it depends upon the circumstances.

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  7. Krencko says:

    “Big rock”

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