Living embodiment of the FSM

Published July 10th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

In community garden on Potrero Hill:


living embodiment of the FSM found in San Francisco – where else?

19 Responses to “Living embodiment of the FSM”

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  1. lpm says:

    holy crap!

  2. Johnny Landlubber says:

    Yar, that be so cool!

  3. Spareboy says:

    Where better to find Him, than in nature.

    Can anyone else see that lone pirate on the distant roof top, with his eyes to the Pacific horizon, awaiting passage/plunder/parsimony aboard Henderson’s Revenge?

    Clam chowder, steamed artichokes, and a lite white sauce on a bed of linguini for all, as you stop in Monterey to pick me up. Any jobs in the galley still open?

  4. daqq says:

    Looks more like a Cthulhu spawn…

  5. BlackBeardedBeerNuts says:

    that ther seadog be me, and I be looking at me pursunul stripper throo de porthole to me bunk, ya twit! I only got me one i but I ‘ave better site then ya’s got!

  6. Cabin Boy Jon says:


    I will offer you £100 000 (or dollars) if you can prove Cthulhu wasnt the son of the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

  7. GummiHU says:


  8. Coen87 says:

    We must praise.

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