Published May 22nd, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

wtf this is a bunch of bullshit. why would you believe in spaghetti creating man?? and why would heaven have beer and strippers??? this is shit. some guy just randomly thought: “oh spaghetti is so good. it must be god.” i mean what the fuck?! jesus is real and i dont care what you guys think. you deny him, you’ll all burn in hell for eternity. so have fun!!

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  1. ironicbrat187 says:

    First of all, what do you have against strippers and beer? Just getting that out there.

    SECOND of all… I love all these Christian people who claim they are speaking the “word of God”… was the “word of God” to use bad grammar, bad spelling and a ton of curses? I’ve read the Bible… I don’ remember seeing “Thou must use “fuck” in every other sentence and also have bad grammar”… maybe I missed that part?

  2. Ian says:

    Waw, this guys a racist… bet he wouldn’t say this to a Buddhist.

  3. jasa cargo says:

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  4. timbangan digital says:

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  5. Fergus says:

    i find it hilarious the amount of people who claim i will burn in hell for not believing in god in any form. if god loves everyone so much, then why does he send them to hell? supposedly he makes us all and he makes us perfect, that’s what you say anyway. so you’re either wrong about your own religion, ignorant or your religion is hypocritical.
    pastafarians quite clearly are superior in the regard they accept all other religions, in the hope that one day they will be touched by his noodly appendage. i dont hate religion, i hate idiots, especially ignorant ones.

    • TheFewTheProudTheMarinara says:

      Those who fail to believe in the right religion (Pastafarianism) should not have to burn in hell. It’s the FSM’s fault they didn’t get the message, because he spends too much time drunk and dallying with strippers.

      Christianity has what? 30% of the world population, and Islam less than that. A giant FAIL on their prophets for not getting the message out correctly. Starting out in a FSM-forsaken desert probably didn’t help.

      • Olio says:

        ‘ fail to believe in pastafarianism should not have to burn’

        Only if there is a gas stove. Otherwise maybe just singed a bit?

  6. Alphy says:

    Seems to me, these fundies are only too eager to be offended and they just love telling anyone that isn’t in their camp that they are “going to hell”. Well, I’ll see you fundies in hell in the self righteous bigots section. The Lord God FSM says that your righteousness is as “filthy rags” and he hates bigotry!

    • Keith says:

      If we end in Hell we should count ourselves fortunate to be far removed from the sanctimonious and self righteous. Sitting on a cloud strumming a harp and singing hymns for eternity doesn’t stike me as being a reward.

      • TiltedHorizon says:


  7. Unknown says:

    you say its stupid some people beilieve spaghetti created man, but not stupid to think a man created all living things and himself

    • SillyKiwiMan says:

      You’re not making a hell of a lot of sense.

      I do think it’s stupid to think that an invisible flying spaghetti monster created the universe. It just happens to be no more stupid than any other religion. All religions should be held in the same regard as flat-earthers, tinfoil hat-wearers and anyone else incapable of actually thinking.

      Am I to take from your post that you believe in a god, and yet refer to it as a man?

    • The Sauceror says:

      Dear Unknown, a healthy dose of skepticism is a great introduction to our religion. You have taken the time to peruse our website and post a few comments, so that indicates that you have more than a passing interest in Pastafarianism. It is quite natural for a skeptic to question the validity of any religion, particularly when one’s history with religion is one of deception and hypocrisy. While I have no interest in forcing our religion or any religion down anyone’s throat, I think that you are a thinker, and, therefore, have a natural curiosity about this new idea. We are different enough to be different from other religions that it may be worthwhile to explore further. Rather than getting into a pointless argument about the nature of the spaghetti monster, may I suggest an introductory reading? Try reading the “Open Letter to the Kansas School Board”. In this letter you will likely find the very essence of our religion. If you get the meaning of the letter, you will get the deep meaning of our religion. If you don’t, you won’t. There will be no need to go any further. I am recognizing great potential in you to become “a known” in our church. Who knows? But it really is all up to you, and no one else. Pasta.

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