While I can understand this movement’s motives

Published May 18th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

While I can understand this movement’s motives, it is still offensive to a great many people (myself included). Mocking another group’s beliefs is kind of a sick way to get your beliefs recognized.

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  1. Aesi says:

    We are not mocking ANY group’s beliefs any more than other groups mock our beliefs. ;)
    In fact, we only mock those who send highly offensive hate-mail to us whereas our beliefs are mocked even when we do not do anything. ;)

  2. St John the Blasphemist says:

    That sounds rather hypocritical. You accuse us of mocking others’ beliefs yet you mock our beliefs. A sure way to get a dishpig job in FSM heaven.
    St John the Blasphemist
    Saint of Industrial Dishwashers

  3. GodlessHeathen says:

    By his noodly appendage! I am so sick and tired of this imbecilic idea that religion is somehow above any critique.

    You’re offended? Well, how unfortunate for you. It’s too bad we’ve no right to live in a world where we are never offended. That’s the thing about being free to have your own ideas, see, some will be offended by them. Fortunately the INTELLIGENT among us understand that our right to have our own ideas trumps our wish never to be offended.

    So, get stuffed you so-called skeptic.

  4. Tom says:

    There is something confusing about your post. If you understand the motives, you should not be offended. It’s just irrational. Just think about it – world creation is about on the same level of abstraction treated overally in both FSM and Catolic Church. While you have never seen/talked to god himself you still try to imagine it – the noodly presence of FSM is the way we see it. You really seem like a person who lacks some sceptical education. Have a look at Wikipedia, check out some info about “Russells Teapot” and “Transparent Pink Unicorn” to get the idea. The only thing I see offensive in those beliefes is that they open your eyes to logical thinking instead of dogmas.

  5. Dennis says:

    “Mocking another group’s beliefs”!? Dude, please do some more research om FSM. We don’t mock anyone. We just want to live in peace.

  6. StJason says:

    Thank you for proving us right and your camp wrong, skeptic!

    (Why is it so hard for them to capitalize their own names? Do they really feel themselves to be so little that they don’t deserve a capital letter??)

  7. Stephanie says:

    Why can’t you people understand satire?
    There is basically NO difference between FSM and Christianity. Bobby just exchanged a few things for the sake of perspective – which none of you seem to be comprehending.
    If FSM offends you, then so does Christianity, since it’s exactly the same premise (faith in irrational statements and beings).
    You really should ask yourself why you are offended by other people’s right to freedom of speech. Is that the part of Christianity of which you are most proud – intolerance, hatred, and suppression? And then you wonder why we are here. LOL

  8. lordpunkmonk says:

    we are not mocking other peoples religion we are mocking intelligent design wich is closely related to religion which is why we protest its teaching in the classroom

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