Where no Christians dare to go

Published May 3rd, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

Hi Bobby………I initially searched for ‘go where no Christians dare to go’ and your site came up. Very radical, original, spiritual and I think Jesus would like your individuality and lack of concern of what others think of you (especially cookie cutter Christians) Keep going the way very few others dare go. I like your zeal, your fervor and tenacious radical, rebellious spirit in which will be the channel of many accomplishments transpiring.

[Thank you very much, Bridgette! Welcome to FSM, please stick around for a while. –bobby]

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  1. Pasta pirate says:

    Christ4life should get off of this site if he is just going to offend our religion.

  2. m610 says:

    I googled the same string = “go where no Christians dare to go” and the only result listed was this page.

  3. Archdoom says:

    Do we believe in some Italian cuisine? We believe in all Italian cuisine, it exists, obviously (unless we get philosophical, and I can’t be bothered)
    I’d hope so, unless we have been living under a rock?

    You don’t believe in pizza, and I am taking it you live in the USA (no offence to other Americans)
    As I have only ever seen Americans call themselves “Christ4Life” or something like that,
    AND YOU DON’T BELIEVE THAT PIZZA EXISTS? (again, no offence to everyone else)

  4. Jacq says:

    *tears of laughter* I love you now.
    Jacqueline Sparrow

  5. physics wench says:

    @ David H
    A cookie is a small dessert, usually disk-shaped. They are quite tasty, in my opinion, especially the chocolate chip kind. A cookie cutter is a utensil that cuts the cookie dough into the correct shape. This allows you to make uniform, identical cookies. They are great for making holiday cookies, because you can get cookie cutters that come in holiday themed shapes, like pine trees for Christmas, bunnies for Easter, pumpkins for Halloween, etc.
    In the context of a “cookie cutter Christian,” it means that they are all just copies of each other, rather than being individuals that are capable of thinking for themselves.

  6. FSM Coverupper says:

    What many FSM clergy will NOT divulge is that the Last Supper was actually not a Passover seder, as they would have you believe, but an all-you-can-eat rigatoni carbonara festival inspired by His Noodleness itself. Yes – Jesus HIMSELF was an ardent Pastanonian, as Tom Hanks so vividly illustrated.

  7. Vermicelli says:

    Where no Christians dare to go? Trust me we get more than our fair share wandering thru here. Most carrying their Picture Bibles (I can read series – level 2) and 4th grade vocabulary with them.

  8. Elise the Pyrate says:

    Welcome Bridgette!!! Ahrrr, would ye like to hear a salty tale? Please enter the forums and join us in this Noodley Voyage!

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