Where no Christians dare to go

Published May 3rd, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

Hi Bobby………I initially searched for ‘go where no Christians dare to go’ and your site came up. Very radical, original, spiritual and I think Jesus would like your individuality and lack of concern of what others think of you (especially cookie cutter Christians) Keep going the way very few others dare go. I like your zeal, your fervor and tenacious radical, rebellious spirit in which will be the channel of many accomplishments transpiring.

[Thank you very much, Bridgette! Welcome to FSM, please stick around for a while. –bobby]

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  1. Ryan says:


  2. Jacq says:

    I don’t understand why a position to uphold the constitutional principle of separation between church and state is considered “radical” and “rebellious.”
    Was I asleep for a hundred years and woke in another nation? Just call me Jacquie Winkle.
    Jacqueline Sparrow *going back to her beer now*
    P.S. Should I capitalize ‘constitutional’ in that context?

  3. Jake says:

    Actually, Christ4life, I watched a special on 60 minutes in which for the full hour Jesus and the FSM battled each other and in the end FSM was victorious and struck Jesus on the ear with his noodly appendage. Afterwards, he felt bad for his outburst and kissed Jesus. The End.

  4. brian atherton says:

    i would like to point out the striking simularities between fsm and cthulu coincedence i think not

  5. James D King of Pirates says:

    First time in a while we have had positive people, they like us, a lot.

  6. Archaeolowench says:

    Dear Christ4life,

    After months of watching good Christians such as yourself struggle with what is, for you, a foreign language, I have decided to help if I can. Here is your email in formal English. Please note the differences and try to learn.

    You wrote:

    Jesus eats your flying spaghetti monster
    so what is this religion even about is it just a joke or do you actualy believe in some italian cuisine

    The correct English would be:
    Jesus eats your flying spaghetti monster! [You should consider capitals on Flying Spaghetti Monster, out of respect for the beliefs of others; also note exclamation mark.]
    So what is the story of this religion? [Note I have capitalized the first word of the sentence and added punctuation at the end. Also note that the original sentence has a dangling participle, which, while acceptible in casual conversation, is not acceptible in written English] Is it just a joke, or do you actually believe in some Italian cuisine? [Note that I have separated your run-on sentence into two sentences and added appropriate capitalization and punctuation. Also note the correct spelling of actually.]

    I hope this helps.

  7. Captain priest Stephen Deloney of Huntingdon College says:

    Okay Christ4Life, before someone totally bashes your virtual brains…
    This “religion” is satire
    Many of our members (as I am) are Christians who enjoy Separation of Church and State and don’t like to see ID in schools. Its okay if you can’t handle it, some people can’t understand tongue in cheek movements.

  8. Sean Boyd says:


    Why would you think our religion is a joke? We have a book, same as you. We have a god, same as you. You have commandments; we have “I’d-really-rather-you-not’s.” Tell us what we’re missing, that your religion has. I mean, other than the nearly two millenium history of oppression, killing, injustice, ignorance, and my personal favorite, intolerance.

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