Where no Christians dare to go

Published May 3rd, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

Hi Bobby………I initially searched for ‘go where no Christians dare to go’ and your site came up. Very radical, original, spiritual and I think Jesus would like your individuality and lack of concern of what others think of you (especially cookie cutter Christians) Keep going the way very few others dare go. I like your zeal, your fervor and tenacious radical, rebellious spirit in which will be the channel of many accomplishments transpiring.

[Thank you very much, Bridgette! Welcome to FSM, please stick around for a while. –bobby]

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  1. Em says:

    Yay some mail that actually has something CONSTRUCTIVE to say! *gives Bridgette spaghetti*

  2. Skeptical Monkey says:

    I agree with everyone here, especially John. It’s nice to see a degree of tolerance. Also good to see a properly constructed message that is actually readable…

  3. anim8or says:

    I totally agree that Jesus would dig Pastafariansism. Since he himself basically preached that people should stop doing silly rituals they didn’t understand, and have a personal relationship with god… Oh and to stop killing people just because they disagree. It’s so sad that his followers have killed more than any other organization in the history of mankind in HIS name.

  4. jeremykeys says:

    Welcome Bridgette, and thank you. I think that you’ll find that most of us here are very open minded and easy going. You may find a lot of our ideas make a lot of sense morally and ethically. We also enjoy a good joke and really try not to take ourselves too seriously. Something that more people should do. Life’s too short. Trust me. I”m well into my 4th millennium. Ha!

  5. Christ4life says:

    Jesus eats your flying spaghetti monster
    so what is this religion even about is it just a joke or do you actualy believe in some italian cuisine

  6. Theo says:

    Yes we DO believe the FSM created the universe, the earth and all that.
    Untill proven otherwise.
    The same way you believe your god did.
    (get it?)

  7. Aesi says:

    Eating Pasta is the best thing you can do because it means that the FSM is inside you. ;)

  8. Beardyoldgit says:


    you make a temporal error, jesus may have eaten pasta (past tense), but he can’t now (he’s long dead).

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