This is just pure bullsh**

Published May 31st, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

This is just pure bullsh**, what religion creates T shirts, ipod covers? I don’t see people wearing T shirts saying “Christianity”, or Ipod covers with the cross on it. This is a scam, you people need to get out more.


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  1. KitKat says:

    I think if one looks, not too hard, they can find all sorts of merchandise dealing with Christianity. There is the pope bobblehead dolls. Pope on a rope. T-shirts, flags, hats, pins, and so many other things that are sold for profit. When Pope Benny came to the US, there were so many things you could buy to show the pope you were a catholic. I guess some people still think the internets is a series of tubes too.

  2. Mousekiller says:

    So that means we all believe in this, yes? I’m finding this very difficult to believe, personally.

  3. Dangerstevey says:

    Asshole, I’ve seen whole STORES based on selling christian shit. not just tiny mom and pop stores, either. It’s half the size of fucking walmart! and its a chain! study before you rant hypocritically on others, douche.

  4. jambomuffin says:

    Yea I’ve even seen Christian anal beads.

  5. Jeff Carbone says:

    wait Kitkat it’s not…damn now i understand, i always wondered how my laptop worked…and to jambomuffin, your kidding rite? where can i get these anal beads…they would just be funny to see

  6. Blargar says:

    Dude. They named a fucking bikers gang “The new apostles.” They had leather jackets, and jesus fish on their bikes that said that.

  7. Mandy Anderson says:

    Martin Luther didn`t seem to agree with that one *laughs* Christianity has been making money off of its faithful since it`s conception.

    The idea of purgatory and indulgences was particularly smart.

    And yes there are T-Shirts…bumperstickers… keychains…playing cards, and whatever other paraphernalia you can possibly think of. While I`ve never actually seen an iPod cover myself I wouldn`t be stupid enough to bet against it.

    Oh and the video games…now those are special

  8. DrainedAgain says:

    @jambomuffin : lolz. yes, I have seen them, too; but I think they call them “rosary” beads. how “roses” and “anal” really go together, I’m not entirely sure, but sounds painful….

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