This is just pure bullsh**

Published May 31st, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

This is just pure bullsh**, what religion creates T shirts, ipod covers? I don’t see people wearing T shirts saying “Christianity”, or Ipod covers with the cross on it. This is a scam, you people need to get out more.


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  1. Jess Mid says:

    ive seen tons of people with Christianity t-shirts and hats. and there probably are ipod covers wiv crosses on lol . I dnt get y some people get so annoyed by stuff like this, they must be quite lonely lmao

  2. Ohio Pirate says:

    Obviously you need to get out more!

    Christianity is without a doubt one of the biggest contributors to the world market place. Just the other day I saw “prayers in a bottle” for sale. That’s right, you read it right! It will be a long time before we pastafarians even come close to pushing/selling as much useless stuff as christianity.

  3. Lord Spamulon says:

    I know for a fact you can get Christianity t-shirts. You’re just not looking hard enough?

    And iPod covers? Yeah, you could probably find one or two.

    Besides, the Church of FSM hasn’t received tax exempt status yet, so it needs all the funding it can get!

  4. Nephelos says:

    Hrmmm. I don’t even know how to begin pointing out the huge fallacies in this one.

  5. KinzuaKid says:

    My head just asploded. There are no christian tee shirts, bumper stickers, jewelry, books, banners, advertisements, iPod skins, underwear or quite literally billions of other retail items hawked endlessly?

    You get the best hate mail, but my head still hurts.

  6. hoss says:

    Really? I have a t-shirt with “Jesus Rocks” printed beneath an image of a robed Jesus playing an electric guitar in the classic rocker stance. And where didn’t we see “WWJD” when that was in vogue? All religions have their commercial side, my friend. Grace sells, but who’s buying?

  7. Jacq says:

    This absolutely has to be a joke. Surely no one would actually state that there are no christian t-shirts! Really?! Christian symbols and slogans have a huge market on all kinds of merchandise, Some1, including t-shirts, keyrings, baseball caps, bumper stickers, license plates, just about any trashy little item you care to name, as well as, larger items like automobiles. Talk about someone who needs to get out more!

  8. Spook says:

    Actually Christianity does all of the above. Have you never seen those strange stores? They sell all kinds of cheap plastic junk – but with crosses on it.

    Kindly remove your head from your ass and stop hating on other religions for doing the same thing that Christians do. The Spaghetti Monster is every bit as real as your entire holy trinity, wrapped in one delicious package.


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