Published May 29th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

My daughter was playing with sparklers, and i captured this picture. I see the FSM and his noodly appendages.




15 Responses to “Sparklers”

  1. Iron Mike says:

    It is further proof of His Noodly presence. Much better than a screen door.

  2. David H says:

    You can distinctly see His Holy eye-stalks. The one on His right is winking at us – clearly a sign of His grace.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Anyone else notice that there are far more sightings of FSM than of Jesus, Virgin Mary and all other Christian icons combined? Why won’t they take this as a sign of FSM’s validity and “truthiness”? Seems so obvious to me…

  4. James D King of Pirates says:

    That is so cool, more random phenomina that proves his existence

  5. Aviendha says:

    Definitely a sign that He is making his presence known. I’m still hoping He will appear in one of my grilled cheese sandwiches.

  6. LilxDevilin says:

    this is amasing! you can really see him. its a sign

  7. Pluveus says:

    Magic, sheer magic, blessed be.

  8. mv says:

    Hey Bro,

    Nice Pic! Aren’t you glad i told you about this site!

    Your Brother!

    And he really is my Brother!

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