Simply put your a fuck-nut

Published May 24th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

Simply put your a fuck-nut. This icon you have
created will burn for eternity in hell with you. You
soulless bastard child. I know God created me but I
think you were created when a homeless asshole
masturbated into a dumpster and it was hit by
lightning, a little Bobby crawled from the garbage and
would latter fill the heads of children with stupid
SHIT! I hope you chop your dick off so you cant
procreate. I shit on your faith in this delicious
Italian God. I have given up eating spaghetti.

193 Responses to “Simply put your a fuck-nut”

  1. Kate says:

    Shut up, you communist Nazi Jew. Go back to Canada.

  2. jambomuffin says:

    Thom is clearly a mature intelligent person who has carefully balanced the arguements surrounding Gods existence.

  3. Davie Jones in His Latter Years says:

    Have we formed a missionary group yet? While we don’t really need to preach conversion there is a clear need to go to the Xtian enclaves and teach spelling (although this poor lost soul managed “procreate” he lost points on contractions).

    Thom: send your address, I’ll rush you a copy of The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, primer version. In just a few short weeks you’ll be writing words like “Arrrgh” and “RAmen”. When you get your reading skills up to par the true bliss of His Noodliness will make you a much calmer person. It’ll (It will, excuse me) surprise you how calm you will be when you find the right god.

  4. Johann McGillicutty says:

    Your typical loving, tolerant, and friendly evangelist.

  5. John says:

    Thank you henderbob! You have opened my eyes! Bobby Henderson was, according to you, a virgin birth! Just like Jesus! All hail Bobby and his good news!

  6. Captain RedTom says:

    1: Is not lightning controlled by “God” according to the Xtian religion?
    2: If you find pasta delicious, why stop eating it?
    3: not everyone named thomas thinks like that… Just in case… So I can protect my good name… ARGH!!
    -Cap’m RedTom

  7. Jules says:

    Wow… I thought the Christian religion was supposed to be a loving and kind religion? A religion that opens its’ arms to people?
    Well, Thom, you’ve readily proved that the Christian Church has some serious issues it needs to deal with.
    And, I also thought [well USED to think] that Christians frowned upon foul language. -claps- Well done for showing me the real deal about how you think.

    Also, thank you for re-enforcing my love for the Church of the FSM, because “simply put”, you’ve showed us all that it doesn’t get any better than His Holy Noodliness.

  8. Darwin'sMonkey says:

    Dude!!?? You kiss your god with that mouth??

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