Simply put your a fuck-nut

Published May 24th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

Simply put your a fuck-nut. This icon you have
created will burn for eternity in hell with you. You
soulless bastard child. I know God created me but I
think you were created when a homeless asshole
masturbated into a dumpster and it was hit by
lightning, a little Bobby crawled from the garbage and
would latter fill the heads of children with stupid
SHIT! I hope you chop your dick off so you cant
procreate. I shit on your faith in this delicious
Italian God. I have given up eating spaghetti.

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  1. jeremykeys says:

    This must be the “turn the other cheek” thing that is so big with the Christians, ya think?

  2. Stephanie says:

    Such fathomless Christian love, tolerance, and brotherhood from Thom! Just imagine spending eternity with him… (Would make a painful Hell of fire, brimestone, and torture an absolute joy).

  3. GodlessHeathen says:

    Persecution proves we’re on the path His Noodly Appendage means to guide us to. Arrrr!

  4. Skeptical Monkey says:

    Always nice to see how the opposition responds with sound, thought-out responses. More spaghetti for us…

  5. godless hero says:

    what is wrong with you? the FSM is a joke its for freedom of speech and if you don’t believe in freedom then go back to your muslem neo-Nazi home in Iraq

  6. Kevin says:

    and i’m sure that your god will appreciate this beautiful letter.

  7. Ex-Captain Etay says:

    I shit on your faith in this delicious Italian God.
    That’s only slightly disgusting, not to mention poorly worded and grammatically incorrect.
    So sad to hear you’re giving up eating spaghetti. You’ll soon find it’s difficult to avoid it.

  8. Maratanos says:

    I love how he has no qualms about saying we’ll burn in hell for our religion, while simultaneously breaking the tenets of his own by swearing left and right.

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