pirate fish flag

Published May 5th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson


Being a flag makerI couldn’t resist. I’m not selling them but two fellow Pastafarians got nice presents last year

I think it looks amazing. Nice work!

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  1. CaptOats says:

    I would buy one as well.

  2. Nathaniel Eckhart says:

    Good work, Tabby! may He grace your mind with noodly thoughts.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Sell these, I beg of you

  4. Captain Ticonderoga Black says:

    I like how “Pirate Fish Flag” rhymes with “Flying Shit Bag”, which is the article right before this one.

  5. Piso Mojado says:

    Available here:


    and in bulk here:


    Nice FSM flag, too:


  6. Fishwars says:

    You can buy those Pirate fish flags at http://www.rof.com. We also have flying spaghetti monster flags.


  7. Elise the Pyrate says:

    I would treasure such a fine flag!

  8. tabby says:

    Ok, I’ll make em up on a to order basis as long as its Ok with the powers that bee here ? I don’t want to step on any toes with copy write or trademark infringement. They arent cheap at $175 each but thats what the owners charge for custom 3×5′ printed flags. They take about 3 weeks to produce and we can ship via UPS anywhere in the states for $7.95.
    The other option is to find a local Annin & Co. dealer in your area and get a price for a 3X5′ single side reverse ink jet print. the Annin item # is 1012515 and any of there dealers can make em.


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