pirate fish flag

Published May 5th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson


Being a flag makerI couldn’t resist. I’m not selling them but two fellow Pastafarians got nice presents last year

I think it looks amazing. Nice work!

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  1. Noodles in soy sauce says:

    It’s pretty well done. I want one.

  2. Elise the Pyrate says:

    won’t you sell them through the FSM giftshop so the proceeds can go to the PSC? (Pirate Ship Church) and one question, do you make them out of marine grade material so the wind and salt water won’t mees them up?
    Fellow Pastafarians! come to Grand Isle, LA! we’ll invade adn have some daquiries! Huzza!


  3. Aokiji says:

    Looks like somewhat started a lucrative business…*sniff* (in a small voice) i want one too…

  4. Youl never know says:

    hey your a retard put an american flag there or something

  5. john murie says:

    topsy turvy
    begone ye scurvy
    anchor the drag
    hoist the flag
    onboard shipmate
    stowaway plate

  6. Amalric says:

    man you could make serius money if you sell em i would give my evolution profesor one of those.

  7. Snowydancer says:

    Me thinks me wants one, too. Yar! Fine work on the tapestry, Tabby!

  8. katie:) says:

    flagmaker? but,
    this is very cool
    i want one!

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