it is kind of sad

Published May 2nd, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

It is kind of sad that you think you merit so much attention. L. Ron Hubbard at least had the good sense to make his religion a secretive pyramid scheme; you don’t exactly measure up. So you’ve become reduced to begging the internet anonymous for help. Hey, maybe a personal finance blog or two will get you started: you know, cut down on your daily double mocha triple frosted frappachino, put that money in a high interest cd. But you would have to actually work for the money then. umm, yeah fuck off

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  1. Zorbathedwarfsmasher says:

    HA you’re just jelous you didn’t think of it first…

  2. Jessica says:

    I am totally suspicious. I think Noah just works for Fidelity and is trying to come up with creative ways to get us to invest our money. Well fuck Noah I say,

  3. m610 says:

    Do your first and third sentences contradict each other? In one this site is getting lots of attention. In the other we are begging for help.

  4. Joe Marinara says:

    And yet here you are, Noah, obviously a man with very important things to do, paying us attention, reading about the FSM and telling us how to live our lives. Who’s the sad one again?

  5. Paul The Burptist says:

    I was just wondering, did you have an actual point to make? If so, I think it got a little lost. Try again and try harder.

  6. Turk says:

    Oh look, it’s hate mail with punctuation and references to names other than Jesus. Too bad you had to throw it off with “umm, yeah fuck off”. Which doesn’t make sense, because you’re the one emailing him. It’s like going to someone’s house and telling them to go away.

  7. Iron Mike says:

    Oh, boo, hoo. I’m so sad.

  8. StJason says:

    Wait. I’m confused.

    …How does collecting interest on a high interest CD (much less one bought on the $3.25 most double cappuccinos cost) involve any kind of ‘work’???

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