it is kind of sad

Published May 2nd, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

It is kind of sad that you think you merit so much attention. L. Ron Hubbard at least had the good sense to make his religion a secretive pyramid scheme; you don’t exactly measure up. So you’ve become reduced to begging the internet anonymous for help. Hey, maybe a personal finance blog or two will get you started: you know, cut down on your daily double mocha triple frosted frappachino, put that money in a high interest cd. But you would have to actually work for the money then. umm, yeah fuck off

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  1. CindyB says:

    It is very odd that most people who send hate mail have nothing more constructive to say than “fuck off” and/or declare their deep belief in the christian god and how we’ll all fry in hell, etc. It just seems so odd. And how is it possible that their god forgot to give any of them a sense of humor, ability to recognize satire, or even the ability to put together a sentence in English? I must admit, I’m baffled.

  2. Nathaniel Eckhart says:

    Noah, don’t you realize that in His kingdom, none will go hungry, for It is a place of infinite Spaghettiness? Please, take the wear-pirate-regalia-for-a-month challenge, and see how his teachings benefit the world around you.


  3. Joe says:

    I just love the way people make all this effort to write a letter explaining how intolerant they are, and not even understand what we are all about. Evidently there is a lot less brains than i thought out there.

  4. Roy Hunter says:

    “It is kind of sad that you think you merit so much attention.” Er… No, not really. The Internet is kind of democratic that way: if nobody wants to read what you write, then you won’t get any hits, you won’t show up in the search engines, and nobody will find out about you. Lots of people have read about FSM on the Internet: that’s because THEY think it merits so much attention.

    If there’s any cash left over after you buy the pirate ship, do you think we could open a school specialising in spelling, grammar and syntax for the religiously afflicted?

  5. Benny The Ball says:

    Ah the beautiful tolerance of Christianity demonstrated again. I am fairly new to this site but I have to say I have not had such as laugh for ages. I love it. Who’s next?

  6. Orinoco says:

    How can pastafarians set up a secret pyramid sect? It is hard to get pasta sauce to stop flowing out, so the pyramid would only spread out into a noodly blob anyway. RAmen.

  7. tekins says:

    ha ha, yeah this all is kind of sad, but for another reason. This dude here, he never even made up pastafarianizim. He bought it off an 8th grader on world of warcraft. But dude chill out, why don’t you make ur own religion, it’s kind of fun. Im making one called wigginsoligy.

  8. Sparrow says:

    Isn’t HE the one writing to US? Wow, we’ve got yet another smart one.

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