i cannot believe any of this

Published May 6th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

i cannot believe any of this. your just fronting an organization that benifits from the stupidity of people. your unemplyod? no shit. this is just you using the internet to your advantage to make money of a riduclous excuse for a religion so you don’t have to get off your lazy ass. get a job and get a brain.

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  1. Benson says:

    Well I think someones taking this a bit too seriously.

  2. PirateSince1989 says:

    “get a job and get a brain.”

    I would go through the entirety of your post and point out every grammatical error, but unfortunately, it’s very late and I have to get to class in a few hours, which is something I’m sure you have little understanding for. I quoted your last sentence if it can be called that for the purpose of saying that you should take your own advice. Firstly, I’d recommend that you apply at a local fast food business. As for getting a brain, I’ll assume you have one because you are able to type (sort of), so you can not take that as advice. I’ll offer an alternative for you though and suggest that you begin to use the one you have.

  3. Benson says:

    Well someones taking this a little bit too seriously.

  4. Saerain says:

    Somehow, this gets more ironic every time.

  5. lazlow says:

    “your just fronting an organization that benifits from the stupidity of people.”
    Isn’t this what every religion does?

  6. Ian says:

    You mean this is all a lie?

  7. Mike says:

    well… there are a few flaws with your little outburst. A) Unemployed has TWO e’s in it. B) People aren’t forced into giving these guys money. Everyone is here by choice. Including YOU! So if you don’t like it put it to the back of your very closed mind and go on with your life. C) Speaking of having no life, do you just sit in your mom’s basement waiting for the pizza pockets to be done and look up things to bash on the internet? Personally, I think that is WAY worse than creating your own religion.

    Much hate towards you close minded persona

  8. Cat says:

    are we all unemplyod? No, but are you illtrat? Get off YOUR lazy intolerant ass!

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