i cannot believe any of this

Published May 6th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

i cannot believe any of this. your just fronting an organization that benifits from the stupidity of people. your unemplyod? no shit. this is just you using the internet to your advantage to make money of a riduclous excuse for a religion so you don’t have to get off your lazy ass. get a job and get a brain.

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  1. Admiral Chiflado ☠ says:

    Congratulations, Lauren, you might just have formulated the most accurate definition of religion so far: “an organization that benefits from the stupidity of people”

  2. Dennis says:

    Unlike most other religions, we – the brave pastafarians – don’t have to pay any money to our religion (read page 100 in our gospel, item six). Unemployed? No. I personally work at the local university.

  3. Fizzmick Pa Chee says:

    @lauren, Do you speak the same of your spiritual leaders? Also, my guess is that most of them don’t have a degree in physics. Do you realize the advanced brain you need to possess, to complete college level physics?
    Your lack of intellect is remarkable. I hope that you will respond to some of the posts on this thread, so it can be seen if you are learning or remaining stupid. By the way, everybody is entitled to a spelling or grammatical error (or even a few), but the multitude that you have exhibited is illustrative of the ignorance that usually accompanies religious belief. Thank you for reinforcing our side. -Fizz

  4. Atheist Pitbull says:

    “i cannot believe any of this.” Hmm. Exactly what I was thinking about another, less credible religion.. hmmm..

  5. withmeatsauce says:

    You failed to make it through two consecutive sentences without a spelling error. Perhaps you should invest in a keyboard with larger keys to avoid hamfisted word bungles.

  6. nopictureavailable says:

    oh no, he saw trough us.

  7. muuse says:

    I believe he meant to post that on this site,



  8. Archdoom says:

    No, that’s scientology.
    Also, we are approved by scientists, are they stupid people?

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