i cannot believe any of this

Published May 6th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

i cannot believe any of this. your just fronting an organization that benifits from the stupidity of people. your unemplyod? no shit. this is just you using the internet to your advantage to make money of a riduclous excuse for a religion so you don’t have to get off your lazy ass. get a job and get a brain.

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  1. benny the ball says:

    I once lost a job as I refused to conform to the religious beliefs of my bosses at a company I later found out only promoted those that attended their church each week. I did take glee however when after months of my boss telling me that he refused to do any work on the Sabbath, I caught him weeding his garden with my camera. I do not quite see what a persons employment status has to do with his intelligence, skills and choices. That firm went bust 4 years later as the only people left working there were morons. I like to think their God was there with them collecting their unemployment benefit.

  2. The King of Memphis, TN says:

    It’s good to see that spelling and grammar are not prerequisites to attaining heaven. Lucky you.

  3. Mac N. Cheez says:

    are god’s faithful children forbidden from ever using “spellcheck”?

    just wondering……

  4. Italian Pasta Person says:

    WWPD, lauren.
    (What Would a Pastafarian Do)

  5. acrophobic crowsnestling says:

    //get a job and get a brain.//
    Can I have yours? You’re not using it. If I section and label it, I can get away with keeping it in my cube as a visual aid. With a descriptive card, of course: “Note that while the brainstem is adequately developed, the cerebral cortex is markedly atrophic …”
    (Sorry, Ryan, I only want one of this type. Anyway, I’m not a Moran. I’m not even Irish. Sorry.)

  6. Jessica says:

    I can’t believe you believe in a story made up by the Romans for social control 2000 years ago. How about you get a fucking brain and read some real history. Maybe do some research? Seems you are the one that is unemployed. What the fuck are you doing on here? Bobby has a job! He is our religious leader.

  7. DJLycan says:

    “your just fronting an organization that benifits from the stupidity of people.”
    No hun, you’re thinking of the Church of Scientology. Oh, and it’s YOU’RE not your.
    “your unemplyod?”
    My what?
    Before you decide to try and get smart with a particular religion, you should really check your spelling and grammar. Sounding like a dolt doesn’t earn you any points in an attack. It’s really a step back.
    Oh and be sure to actually do a thorough background check instead of glancing at someones webpage and shooting off a hateful and poorly-written comment.
    Seriously, come on…

  8. Pontus Judas says:

    Meh. We may or may not be worse than say, Scientology, which literally brainwashes you into a state of extreme paranoia.

    Maybe our wisecracking will be the eventual death of modern society…but I’m betting a ululating individual with a vendetta against the Freedom of Speech from your camp blows something up…oh, there he goes. And another!

    Ah well. War without religion is inconcievable.

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