go fuck yourselves

Published May 12th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

Go fuck yourselves. This is the gayest thing i have ever seen and i have seen some pretty fucked up shit. What have you people been taking????? acid????? And where the fuck did this shit come from anyways???? Do you even have a hell or do you just get eaten by your god??? I think Ill go eat your god now bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:-)

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  1. Darwin'sMonkey says:

    Dear God,
    I have found that you have many followers here on earth and they all seem to be completely retarded, I was wondering if you could do me a favor and create a believer that has an I.Q. above 80. Also, my nephew is celebrating his birthday this weekend and we wanted to extend an invitation to you and could you also bring The Great Pumpkin and Santa and The Tooth Fairy and maybe The Easter Bunny.
    Oh and by the way I love the work that you’ve been doing with the millions of starving children in the world, yeah man, way to watch them die.
    Hope to hear from you soon, I’m sure I wont because you’re so busy watching people masturbate and writing it down, but good luck with that.

    Love DarwinsMonkey

  2. eepp says:

    “Go fuck yourselves. ”
    Tender act of love becomes hateful attack. Nice.
    “This is the gayest thing i have ever seen…”
    And now onto homophobia. What are you afraid of?
    “…and i have seen some pretty fucked up shit. ”
    Me too. I read your post.
    “What have you people been taking????? acid????? ”
    Acid might make believe in the Jewish Zombie, but I don’t need any help to believe in pasta and *drool* garlic bread.
    “And where the fuck did this shit come from anyways????”
    From our sacred texts (read them), which are every bit as valid as yours.
    “Do you even have a hell…”
    Yep. Beer volcanoes & strippers, just like the other place. It’s all in the book.
    “…or do you just get eaten by your god???”
    No, our god wants us to be happy. Unlike some others who are always smiting, flooding, tormenting in Hell, etc.
    “I think Ill go eat your god now…”
    Try the Xian god–he likes that cannibal stuff.
    Bye, jade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    (Couldn’t resist.)

  3. jake says:

    i think that it’s absurd that all these people get worked up over something so silly.
    they say that all these people are hatefull bastards. but then all the people leave hatemail.
    i don’t reject any other religions.
    i think that what you believe is your own personal choice and that you believe what’s right for you.
    you shouldn’t reject the beliefs of everyone else and say that out of million of years of life on the planet that your one belief happens to be above all other.
    you can’t prove that it’s above all others, or even that it exists, but it’s right and yours if wrong.
    thats ludicrous to say that.
    i personally think that all of these people have more of a sense of humor than all the other religions.
    i think that this religion is funnier that scientology, but if scientology is what you choose to believe than thats right for you.
    religion is, for the most part, something that people use to better themselves, but when you turn it into a tool of hate, then your no better than anyone else, we might as well go back to the dark ages and persecute people who are gay or black.
    we live in an age of semi-enlightenment and we should except other for who they are, not call then blasphemers and hate them for what they believe.

  4. Viperish Fall says:

    Please tell us what that “fucked up shit is” as I’m sure that when u are judged by the mighty FSM not all of the pirates in the world can save you from the warm V.D. infested pits of HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I await your reply.

  5. Alex_Apathetic says:

    what is Pastafarianism?
    explain please.


    Jade, ur a bitch. u can’t go judging things like that.


  6. Dane says:

    No, seriously. Have you seen Queer as Folk (QAF)? That show is the gayest thing ever. Honestly, you will not find a more monolithic homage to homosexuality than that show. Really, FSM ranks as a distant 4 billionth to QAF.

  7. Advantageous Mongoose says:

    I’ve just taken Jade’s advice and had sex with myself.

    I’d like to report that it was a satisfying and enjoyable experience, and one I expect to repeat in the future.

    I’d recommend other pastafarians to try it too, just remember to respect yourself and don’t do anything with yourself that you are personally uncomfortable with.

  8. auriel says:

    “This is the gayest thing i have ever seen and i have seen some pretty gay staff…”
    sese it all

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