FSM Birthday Cake

Published May 27th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

My Gran made me a 16th Birthday cake, and praise be to Him, for it was made in His likeness!

The spaghetti is marzipan and the balls are chocolate muffins.





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  1. franki says:

    these amazing people have also made delicious representations of his great noodleyness.

    complete with edible googly eyes


    happy birthday!

  2. La Chat Heliotrope says:

    Your gran has excellent taste.

  3. Katie says:

    Happy birthday!! All hail his noodly goodness!

  4. James D King of Pirates says:

    Your grandma rocks, she just may be the oldest pastafarian (or perhaps person that at least accepts pastafarians) either way its great, happy birthday man.

  5. mentos says:

    I had no idea FSM was known to the elderly. All I can say is… awesome.

    I’m hungry :(

  6. Pacific Pam says:

    can she make one made of cheesecake with strawberries???
    I love cheesecake and strawberries…they are good…very, very good.

  7. DavidH says:

    @Mentos – I’m a grandpa and incredibly ancient, but I love Him and His all-healing sauce.
    Also this cake.
    Dylan, Hope your 16th was a good one. I think you can now legally become a pirate.

  8. Koveras0927 says:

    coolest thing ever

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