flying shit bag

Published May 5th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

dude u r entitled to ur opinion as i am to mine. so let me say.. WOW THAT FSM SHIT IS THE GAYEST CRAP IVE EVER HEARD OF.. at least most other religions or real ones anyway have good morals and bring hope to people and dont bring whores and drunk fags to the earth … u are one lame dumbass.. yea and post this on ur freaking hate mail wall.. let everyone see how it is u shit bag

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  1. Maurog says:

    Hmm, the message for equality and tolerance that is the core of our religion went right over Madeline’s head. Let that be a lesson to us all, without the guidance of His noodly appendages we would be blind and hateful like Madeline. Let us all pray that he/she get touched by His noodly appendage. Ramen!

  2. Sister Jane says:

    Hello Madeline,
    I suspect your morality is sublimated to the will of your God (or the representatives you believe he has placed on earth). I would consider it amoral to make misogynistic and homophobic statements as you have done.

  3. Wesley says:

    I Agree! believing in a genocidal maniac whom even let his own son die for the sake of it is far out better! =D

    With Love,


  4. peetie says:

    Dear Madeline,

    Of course you are worried about ¨that FSM shit¨ It´s shakes up everything you believe in and I can imagine that you can´t eat pasta anymore without thinking of the terrible monster.
    I just discovered the FSM a few days ago and it changed my life. It brought me good morals and hope and of course drunk fags.

    Your lovely mail convinced me that I am on the right track.

    Kisses from Holland,


  5. Mac N. Cheez says:

    Hi Madeline!

    How very christian and accepting of you – kudos for helping to spread your exemplary religious morals to the world!

    i’ll bet you make the baby jesus very happy.

  6. Rev. Jos-Hua Edwardo says:

    Ooooo, such big words for a person like you. Arent you christians supposed to be kind, and caring? Well so much for that. The FSM MADE YOU! How greatful you are. Besides, no rational person can say that one god that nobody has proof for is more or less real than another god that nobody has proof for. In other words, (and I may be stealing this from someone), our god is at least as real as your god.

  7. Corey says:

    Morals are relative.

    Well, that was easy.

  8. BD says:

    well this isn’t fair, she(?) is asking to be put on the hate mail wall. I don’t think this is the first time we’ve heard the “real religion” argument either. This makes me worry about the future of the English Language though, this looks like it was sent as a text message. Also we need to make sure that all the gay people are safe; I don’t think this person is a very big fan of them. I guess we can say that Jesus hung out with the whores. If you don’t want to see the whore…I recommend finding another religion.

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