flying shit bag

Published May 5th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

dude u r entitled to ur opinion as i am to mine. so let me say.. WOW THAT FSM SHIT IS THE GAYEST CRAP IVE EVER HEARD OF.. at least most other religions or real ones anyway have good morals and bring hope to people and dont bring whores and drunk fags to the earth … u are one lame dumbass.. yea and post this on ur freaking hate mail wall.. let everyone see how it is u shit bag

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  1. Deviled Dog says:

    Am I the only one who feels like the haters just aren’t trying anymore?

    We could get into the whole “other invisible friends are not real either” argument again. But wow, it’s getting tiresome. If Jesus was getting this kind of lame hate mail when he was starting his religion, I know why he killed himself.

  2. melikefood says:

    whores AND drunk fags. brought to the earth. apparently from…space? from…not…earth? some alternate dimension where whores and drunk fags roam free? im still somewhat confused not just to the place of origin, but the whole process. is it the religion itself that brings the whores and drunk fags here? or the fsm, specifically? whatever the case, sign me up.

  3. Fizzmick Pa Chee says:


    I can find something appealing in most females, and I can’t in you. You must be one lonely whore wanna be. -Fizz

  4. ZarahMarieS says:

    Wow its like you don’t speak english and speak completely in text. I just did a presentation about people like you in English class about how much I truely dislike people like you. The only time that text abbreviattions are okay is when you are texting a friend, aiming a friend or some other thing like aim, or if you are writing a note you a friend. When sending hate mail or any other type of thing that is not going to a friend actual English should be used or you sound like you have the IQ of lint. Besides what good moral have you learned from those ‘real religions’ if you are here cursing out a website that has never hurt anyone. Think before you speak

  5. Marion Sudvarg says:

    I guess I am entitled to my opinion too. So let me say … at least this religion has never urged people to kill in the name of its god. That seems like a good moral to me (or at least the absence of so many of the bad morals other people hold up in the name of “God”). And I don’t know what you’re talking about. We haven’t brought any whores or drunk fags to the earth … they were already there, and I’m sure many of them are less profane than you are.

    Anyway, now everyone does see how it is: the average religious fundamentalist such as yourself has opinions, but they tend to be profane and poorly spelled.

  6. Dennis says:

    Another homeschooled redneck?

  7. Harry says:

    Wow, another intelligent and eloquent objector to our “religion”.
    Before reading your comment I believed that everyone had their redeeming qualities, but that philosophy has now been destroyed.

    Our religion is quite obviously satirical. It is highly unlikely that anyone within our “church” actually believes in this monster. It is merely a method of pointing out flaws in the concepts of religion and intelligent design, nothing more.

    Please attempt to grow a brain before I am forced to remove the head which is supposed to contain it.

  8. anonymous says:

    Wow. That’s certainly something.

    OK, here I go, I’m going to prove that this person is a complete moron, a useless piece in society’s jigsaw puzzle, and generally an uneducated, unintelligent piece of crap…


    well, I would, but I think the point was made before the first reply was ever posted.

    I think I’ll go eat some ice cream to celebrate my resounding success. Spaghetti, after all, isn’t a 3:00am snack.

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