flying shit bag

Published May 5th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

dude u r entitled to ur opinion as i am to mine. so let me say.. WOW THAT FSM SHIT IS THE GAYEST CRAP IVE EVER HEARD OF.. at least most other religions or real ones anyway have good morals and bring hope to people and dont bring whores and drunk fags to the earth … u are one lame dumbass.. yea and post this on ur freaking hate mail wall.. let everyone see how it is u shit bag

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  1. Gaberleh says:

    Yes, of sourse your religion has good morals, such as: any infertile woman shall burn in hell, slavery is OK!, a bat is a bird(?), etc.

  2. Just Another Pastafarian says:

    haha I just wanted to tell everysingle person that left hate mail, that it is absoultely the same. being a pastafarian and a christian haha they have both the same “solutions” to the usual existencial questions…aint i right? haha
    so dont hate the truth, embrace it. haha catolic religion is useless…

  3. Turtle says:

    The FSM is not homosexual, duh.

  4. Mitch says:

    I’ve got to admit, FSM does have nicer ‘things I’d rather you didn’t do’, but the only reason why God is brutal during the old testement in the bible is because humans are stupid idiots!

  5. bob says:

    all you retards find something else to do..

  6. Benny The Ball says:

    Could you please point out the distinct differences between our religion and yours? I really would like to know.

  7. GarlGoksu says:

    Dear Ms. Madeline–

    It is very sad to recognize that an assuredly full-grown adult spells as badly as some of my worse eighth grade students. In addition, I can easily see that you share their belief that entire words are not needed in any message, even one to a religious and pious website that does endeavor to respect all religions, yours included. In no case, have I found any slanderous remarks or negative sentiment towards ANY RELIGION except when the Church’s members are infuriated by the crudeness and crassness of comments such as your own. Please in the future, if you feel dismayed or threatened by any religion, place your feelings in a polite and respectful tone, such as many members of this Church endeavor to do in response to you.


  8. Jessica says:

    Yeah I am entitled to my opinion that you are a douche bag. You speak of morals? Look at that language. Would you talk that way to Jesus?

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