flying shit bag

Published May 5th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

dude u r entitled to ur opinion as i am to mine. so let me say.. WOW THAT FSM SHIT IS THE GAYEST CRAP IVE EVER HEARD OF.. at least most other religions or real ones anyway have good morals and bring hope to people and dont bring whores and drunk fags to the earth … u are one lame dumbass.. yea and post this on ur freaking hate mail wall.. let everyone see how it is u shit bag

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  1. TheBadcrab says:

    Your delightful contribution is just one of many, if you must know. We will just react as much in the same way to your inane ramblings as everyone else’s: if your opinions involve that much swearing and ambiguity, we must kindly direct you to the little red cross at the top-right of your Internet Explorer/Mozilla/FireFox/Opera window.

  2. Worthy1 says:

    I’m comforted the Madeline-the-Wise is around to tell us the difference between “Real” and “Fake” religions. I wish she’d post her definition of a “Real religion” for all to see what intolerance really looks like.
    I’d been stumbling in the dark finding them all fake until I was blessed by FSM.

  3. Black Bart Arrggg says:


    may you be touched by his noodley appendage and see the true light of pasta and spend eternity in Heaven with his Monstrous meat balls resting upon thy chin.



  4. neal says:


    I love the presumption you make. Just because millions if not billions of unenlightened people have swallowed hook, line and sinker that which they have been brainwashed into believing from childhood on, that makes it legitimate?

    Really. If you were in Germany in the 1940’s, do you think you would find things like the Final Solution illegitimate if you had been taught it from childhood on? I don’t think so.

    Like so many Xtains you assume and presume that which you can never prove–legitimacy.

    What the hell is legitimate about using an addled anthology culled from unknown sources and calling it the word of god just because someone in 300 ad decided that it was?

    What’s legitimate about deciding that your particular vision of a deity is the legitimate one when human civilizations have proposed roughly 3000 deities over the course of recorded history?

    What’s legimate about the assertion hat your religion promotes morality when Xtainity, Islam and Judaism have long, bloody histories of torture, slavetrading, and genocidal warfare to show as their legacy?

    Finally, how can any religion lay a claim to legitimacy when its central myth: that Christ came down to die for mankind and redeem it from the Original sin of Adam which led to all the evil in the world, including death, when such a claim is resoundingly disproved by every modern scientific discipline which proves that man is a latecomer to the biosphere, that death existed long before he made his appearance, and that, in point of fact, death is the prime mover and central fact or evolution and natural selection?

    In short, it is you who have some kind of nerve to sugest that we are the ones giving offense. If you don’t like what is being said on this site, why don’t you just piss off. Nobody asked you to come here, and if you don’t want to read what is being written, we can respect that.

    But to imagine that the people on this site should change their views, and or mode of expression to be more palatable to you or anyone else is absurd and, yes, presumptuous.

  5. Meisha says:

    Shit bag. That’s original. Haven’t been called that yet. Putting it right up there with pansy assed hypocrite.

  6. Emily says:

    You must get headaches a lot.

  7. m610 says:

    FSB. A new religion?

  8. Red Handed Jill says:

    So my question is – if drunk fags are bad, are sober fags okay? And Madeline, unless you are sending someone a text message on your phone, you should really try to use appropriate grammar and punctuation. It might help you look like less of a dumbass. Man, I can’t believe I said that without laughing my ass off.

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