You are really lame

Published April 12th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

You are really lame. Physics major + unemployed = Loser

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  1. Joe says:

    George my friend, why are you so bored? Is it because, like everyone else who took the time to read this thread, you have nothing else to do with your life? Alas, I believe it is so. All too often we become emotionally engaged with something, and then we waste hours on end discussing it with… who knows?In fact, I am George! But you would never know, would you? The anonymity of the internet is amazing, just by a different tag I was able to deceive all of you and make you think I was “Joe.” But I actually am “George.” And don’t we all have a little “George” in us? My friends, think about the crux of this website. It all began as a way to oppose teaching Intelligent Design in school, but now it has escalated to a means for Bobby Henderson to leech off all of his ‘believers’ and take their money through merchandising. For this, I applaud him but I also call him ‘lame.’ And just for the record, I never took remedial English Literature, as I am nothing more than a computer program intended to spark discussion on the internet, so that people who have nothing to do but respond to such discussion don’t get outside and bother all the normal folks in the world. Cheers!

  2. kev123 says:

    One more degree than you have!

  3. Squiggypea says:

    This hate mail was “lame” believing in an imaginary guy that supposedly keeps you from the same place he sends you because he’s has high amounts of insecurity slayed tons of first borns with his sword and even made sure that families do not love one another because of his jealousy issues the he doesn’t want to cope or work with so that his creations can at least live a happy married and family life… Your god is a waste of praises.

  4. Christopher Seemann says:

    yes what a loser, he fights for logical conjecture, ooooh how lame that he wants the world to think, oooh no whats next, are people going to give up blind faith, noooooo save us from such a terribble plight. Goergy you want to be him

  5. wtf is this???? says:

    this is the fuking gayest site i have seen yet

  6. Ntcommie says:

    Don’t bother replying if tou can’t spell, use capitalization, or use a dictionary. “Gay” is not a negative adjective.

  7. ObscurePasta says:

    Why does being a Physics Major make you a loser? Physics is cool =D
    and also, either you are will be or have been unemployed, so saying that makes you a loser is stupid as well.
    ye’ will one day understand, after ye’ be touched by His Noodly Appendage.

  8. Ian says:

    STRING “Guy With No Qualifications ” + “Hate of Pastafarianism ” + “A -I’m better than you because we’re both doing nothing, but I did nothing to do nothing- approach to life.” = A waste of my time.

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