You are really lame

Published April 12th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

You are really lame. Physics major + unemployed = Loser

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  1. Joe Marinara says:

    I see George. Is that what you have written on the cover of your remedial English Lit notebook?

  2. NurturerNate says:

    Thank you for your opinion, you have a right to it, just like I have a right to mine. We don’t expect you to become a pastafarian, and we hope you don’t expect us to devote our lives to pointing out the purported lameness of others.

  3. Angelique says:

    You’re just Jealous. None of this is Lame at all….Makes MORE sense than (not so) intelligent design!

  4. Nospoon says:

    Physics major + founder of a major religion + author of a well-selling gospel = Winner

  5. J.T. Ryan says:

    Your opinion is your opinion, sir. We have the right to our opinions as well. My opinion is that you have the mentality of an eight year old and with that, you are literally a moron. Perhaps if you could write more than three syllables…the FSM (unlike some deities) accepts those with rudimentary and poorly defended opinions. I would go on about His Noodly Goodness, but my pirate garb is too far away.

  6. Marion Sudvarg says:

    Physics major = demigod
    Unemployed … I would call him self employed. An entrepreneur.
    Demigod + entrepreneur = Loser? Not in my book. Nor in the book of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Probably not even in the book of Mormon.

  7. Len Guini says:

    What? A physics major makes one lame? Ok, then, guess im going to be lame. Bobby, I salute your physics-majoring, even if your chosen carrer path of hawking t-shirts has nothing whasoever to do with physics,

  8. Tenku says:

    Ok, thats nice.
    Anything productive to say? Or is that lame ad hominem the only thing you got?

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