y’all iz gay

Published April 18th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

Y’ALL iz GAY go find a real god…..WTF i believe aliens more than dis shyt FUK U


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  1. clyde mcfierce says:

    wow..just wow..if you think about though..everyone are aliens if you get my drift were all strangers somewhere

  2. the random frog says:

    I beleive in aliens too

    honestly you can’t seriously be vain enough to see billions of planets out there and think ours is the only one with life on it.

    oh wait yes you can, you beleive in a god who created an entire universe with billions of planets and stars just so that we could have something to look at, one who created man ‘in his own image’ to be his chosen species.

    p.s. get a brain

  3. rogthedodge says:


    Is education optional in the US??

    Even for the bible-addled dolts who send us hate mail this guy is exceptional.

    I’ll pray to the FSM for him (and his teachers)

  4. Tricia C. says:

    He/she starts out “Y’all” a very southern introduction.
    Then switches to “dis shyt” which is a very urban or “ghetto” spelling of “this shit”.
    Its great. :D
    Made my day.
    Where do you think there from?
    The down south ghetto?
    I have nothing wrong with either ethnics, but together, its just fucking funny.
    It’s probably just another wanna-be ganster.
    This mail just gets better and better.

  5. Cap'nChauauapopotuki says:

    Well, yeah I pride myself on being happy :)

  6. Cape Buffalo says:

    Poor Southern boy… he must be dumb.

  7. Jamononon says:

    We really need to launch a crusade against idiot rednecks who can’t spell is

  8. Levin8r says:

    Y’all iz needuhn t learn t spel

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