wow. you seriously all need to get lives.

Published April 29th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

wow. you seriously all need to get lives. theres a difference between having fun and being stupid. ramen? are you serious. no lives=you guys

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  1. Cape Buffalo says:

    I thought R’Amen was very clever

  2. Zorbathedwarfsmasher says:

    We have a supportive friendly community that enjoy witty banter and intelligent conversation.
    You are a jerk who likes to put others down to make yourself feel better about the poor existence you slog through…
    no life = you…
    RAMEN (yes, fairly serious)

  3. Em says:

    If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Live and let live. Because what to you is stupid is fun for us. Who knows, you might enjoy the finer points of needlepoint for all I know. And while I think it is indeed quite silly, it would be fun for you. Perspective, my friend, perspective.


  4. PastaTux says:

    lol – what more needs to be said?

  5. Sean Boyd says:

    I assume that using the pseudonym (look it up) sm means you’re small – we’re sorry for you. Just kidding…I’m actually jealous of the wonderful life you lead, that allows you to send hateful posts to the creator of this web site. So, it is pure jealousy that pushes me to emulate you and reply to this post in a sarcastic fashion. Thank you for setting an example by which I might live, sm. good example=sm

  6. The Josh says:

    I truly believe that the easiest way to spot an unintelligent person is seeing a complete inability to critically analyze. When a person takes one piece of information, doesnt understand it, reshapes it so they do understand it, then makes gross generalizations about the surrounding circumstances. That, my friends, is untintelligence. But as I’ve said in previous posts, those Big Macs arent gonna make themselves.

  7. Plague Chicken says:

    My life is full of noodly fun!

  8. Plague Chicken says:

    Having captured the all important first post, let me expound on why my life > your life.
    1. I come here to have fun and be amused by you!
    2. My life is full of noodly goodness (see above post)
    3. I have a plan to combat global warming. It isn’t MY plan, but it is A plan.
    4. The line between fun and stupidity blurs considerably with a healthy swig of rum.
    5. Your stupidity leads directly to my fun!



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