Why do you feel the need

Published April 19th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

Why do you feel the need to publish hate mail? Is it to prove a point that can’t be made without it? Was the rest of the site so insufficient that you have to make people feel sorry for you?

[Don’t feel sorry for me. Hate-mails make my day. -bobby]

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  1. Marcus Aurelius says:

    We need some humor to brighten up our day.

  2. Thomas says:

    I think it’s rather obvious, this hate mail section is to make fun of the people who sent it. It’s just funny to read how those arrogant ‘my church is all, we should burn the others alive’ believers overreact on this.
    Admit it, those youtube movies of little kids freaking out over something totally trivial are fun to watch too.

  3. Felipe C says:

    so we can laugh at the people who whine at their stupidity.

  4. Chris says:

    It’s funny yet disturbing reading hate mail from people who miss the point of the FSM message. It gives us entertainment and reminds us how stupid some people are.

  5. Micheal J. Caboose says:

    Have you read the hate mail. It’s really funny.

  6. Pepin says:

    Reading the hate mail actually helps me become a better person because it shows me how morons and hate are irrevocably linked to each other. Sort of like oreo cookies and milk. I don’t like being a moron, therefore I do not hate. Damn! I love this religion! Long live Pastafarianism!

  7. Tsoubacca says:

    I personally think it’s for everyone else to laugh at. By everyone else, I mean those of us with enough intelligence to recognize to true reasoning behind FSM. My pity on all of those who damn us to hell because of our free will.

  8. Eric says:

    The hate mail is HILARIOUS. AND DEPRESSING. To think I am of the same race, sharing the same earth with these authors.

    Really makes me want a vasectomy. NO need to bring children into such a hateful and ignorant world.

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