The Priest, the Pasta, and ID

Published April 3rd, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

Received this last night…

I was only aware of the FSM today while in my Biology and society class for 1st year medical science at Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia. Up untill today did i not relise that Americans where still believing in the ‘eye evidence’ for ID, it has been long proven that the eye was indeed evolved in parts which can be seen gastropods (may not be actual spelling).

As i was surfing your site the hate mail section caught my eye, the lecturer, who, by the way is a priest, was talking about how most of the people who wrote hate mail to you are illiterate, angry and quite often murderous. Well naturally i had to take a look! One such writter caught my eye, not only did they refer to the ‘eye evidence’ but also to a soup can analogy. I myself am a roman catholic but even I at an early age realised flaws in the bible, indeed i am a very strong supporter of evolution and all things scientiffic (testable and tentative) and have dabbled into the world of string theory, (although not enough to comment on the topic).

It is alarming that the richest and most technological country (the U.S.A) has i significant proportion (25%) of the population that refuses to believe in evolution and even 12% that dont believe the world is round! Your struggle to bring sense to the world is not unheard and the way in which you are doing it is briliant to say the least. It begs the question of whether a standard definition of science is needed, one that not only the scientific community can use but the general community (like the people who do not know the difference between theory in every day speech and theory in science). so if a catholic and a baptist priest can see the difference whats wrong with the great country of America?

P.S your hard lined baptists are crazy nutters ie that family who protests at troops funerals

your biggest catolic fan, Big Kev

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  1. James says:

    P.S. Can I go anywhere in the commonwealth with a British passport? I can’t stand these creationists.

  2. Kelly says:

    Thank his noodlyness, I live in a free country!
    (one that doesn’t just pretend to be one)
    Not particularly big spaghetti fans, though the FSM might change that. (^ -)
    Went to a protestant school, but only a small group of the children actually went to church with their parents. Never had to deal with ID, but I have to say, his deliciousness (with tomatosauce) has a point.
    Something that tastes that great must be special enough to have created our world.

  3. Tar says:

    USA is neither the most technologically advanced nor the richest country. If anything, we’re dead poor (look at our massive debt!), and well behind in technology thanks to commercial reluctance of making things better (look at our cars!).
    My technical school is relatively ID-free (there’s a few…), so don’t go off thinking everyone is a creationist in the US!
    As for the flat-earth theorist….Wow, that’s a lot of eighties-minded people (for those who doesn’t get it, read the “book of general ignorance”).

  4. ME DUH says:

    I am glad someone understands, Kevin. Maybe you will convert to Pastafarianism!
    Peace, Love and Pirates to all!

  5. Jared Moore says:

    It pays to remember that America still doesn’t have a metric system, and then it might seem obvious why they don’t teach evolution… It’s just too dern newfangled hank!

  6. Captain Shplane says:

    @Noodles in soy sauce

    Wow, really? CATHOLICISM is taking steps towards making religion more, you know, intelligent?

    My mind is blown.

  7. Drew says:

    What’s this nonsense about the earth being round? As the navigator of a pirate ship, I KNOW if you sail too far in any direction you’ll fall off this flat planet!

    Once when I was pirating, I saw a shipful of midgets with a load of dinosaurs they were delivering to their pygmy cousins. They got scared when they saw our pirate flag, and took off at top speed. Just a few leagues past the southern tip of Africa I watched as they fell off the edge of the world!

    The fact “I” have seen it is incontrovertable evidence my statement is true. So anyone who doesn’t believe me is an uneducated moron…

  8. Rinoakitty says:

    You really shouldn’t believe all of the information that is thrust at you on a plate made of point-proving plastic. 12% of Americans means 12% of Americans tested that we decided to use in this particular study of the stupidity of the country to prove our point. Also, Pastafarianism isn’t about disproving the Catholic bible, maybe you should read your own Gospel.

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