The Priest, the Pasta, and ID

Published April 3rd, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

Received this last night…

I was only aware of the FSM today while in my Biology and society class for 1st year medical science at Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia. Up untill today did i not relise that Americans where still believing in the ‘eye evidence’ for ID, it has been long proven that the eye was indeed evolved in parts which can be seen gastropods (may not be actual spelling).

As i was surfing your site the hate mail section caught my eye, the lecturer, who, by the way is a priest, was talking about how most of the people who wrote hate mail to you are illiterate, angry and quite often murderous. Well naturally i had to take a look! One such writter caught my eye, not only did they refer to the ‘eye evidence’ but also to a soup can analogy. I myself am a roman catholic but even I at an early age realised flaws in the bible, indeed i am a very strong supporter of evolution and all things scientiffic (testable and tentative) and have dabbled into the world of string theory, (although not enough to comment on the topic).

It is alarming that the richest and most technological country (the U.S.A) has i significant proportion (25%) of the population that refuses to believe in evolution and even 12% that dont believe the world is round! Your struggle to bring sense to the world is not unheard and the way in which you are doing it is briliant to say the least. It begs the question of whether a standard definition of science is needed, one that not only the scientific community can use but the general community (like the people who do not know the difference between theory in every day speech and theory in science). so if a catholic and a baptist priest can see the difference whats wrong with the great country of America?

P.S your hard lined baptists are crazy nutters ie that family who protests at troops funerals

your biggest catolic fan, Big Kev

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  1. Paisley the Pirate says:

    RAmen! May you be touched by His Noodly Appendage, Big Kev!

  2. JakeLV426 says:

    A most al dente post, Big Kev. Cheers!

    Whats wrong with the great country of America? Where to begin…

    Our political figurehead is a fool, our education system is as efficient and refined as a turd,
    corporate interests own our politicians, and misguided zealots that refuse to embrace new ideas.

    I feel our country is becoming the living stereotype of a bunch of hillbillies hanging out on the front
    porch with a bible, a rifle, and a mouthful of tobacco chew. We’re grooming our children to be lazy and embrace a culture of victimhood and excuse, rather than hard work and accountability.

    I can only look to his noodlyness for hope.

  3. Jolly Roger That says:

    Big Kev –

    Very nicely said. But also very badly spelled, punctuated, etc. I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t let this go. Especially if you’re studying medical science, you have GOT to learn to check your writing. In this age of ubiquitous information access (i.e. the internet) phrases such as ‘may not be actual spelling’ are laughably obsolete.

    In my opinion, it’s even more important to write correctly on the internet than elsewhere because potentially many more people will read it.

    Sorry if I sound like I’m ranting, but you’re from Australia, studying at a tertiary level and studying science no less. Please, just consider this some friendly advice for your future.

  4. Squingleberg says:

    Why are Australians so damn cool?

    RAmen Brother Kev!

  5. kender00 says:

    Thanks Big Kev. It’s good to hear you understand what we’re about.

    Pasta be with you,

  6. Elvish Pirate Monarch says:

    Big Kev,
    I ask myself the same question you just asked every day of my life here in the US. My only answer is that there is a vocal percentage of the population which feels threatened by the idea that the bible might not be literally true. This group is so vocal that they can’t help but be heard and they take advantage of the American ideal of fairness. They make it sound like that the 2 view points are equally valid and then stir up a fight over it so that text book publishers are forced to not include large amounts of the supporting evidence for evolution in text books pre college. By keeping that evidence out of the public school system they can then prey on the 3/4ths of the US population that never goes to college. At least that is my guess.

  7. Chris says:

    Though unappreciated in our own country at least other people around the world support us! Awesome post and finally a non-hate letter to comment on (besides the usual posts on the front page of course).

  8. Jerad says:

    RAmen, brother, and, indeed, well said.
    I haven’t much else to comment about this, as I have to go to the store now. xD

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