Somalia – Lots of Pirates, low Carbon Emissions

Published April 14th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson


Congrats to Colin for contributing the latest evidence in our Pirates Vs. Global-Warming link:

Somalia has the highest number of Pirates AND the lowest Carbon emissions of any country. Coincidence?



45 Responses to “Somalia – Lots of Pirates, low Carbon Emissions”

  1. Madd Dogg Charlie says:

    What about ATM’s and upwellings? I became a pirate the rum and chanteys!

  2. lilwench says:

    These Somalian “pirates” could be another smear campaign by the Hare Krishnas. They lack the panache and peglegs of True Pirates.

  3. ME DUH says:

    Of course not!!! They bring the FSM’s word where ever they go. But, as has been said above^^ these are not true pirates. Once they are wearing proper pirate regalia I will consider them so. yeah, Cap’n Ollie, you’re right. But there must be SOME reason that Somalia has the lowest carbon emissions. Perhaps the clothing doesn’t matter so much to the FSM, it’s more the actions. And those guys look like true pirates at heart. Or maybe it’s because the people in Somalia CONSUME LESS ENERGY!!! hmmm… interesting…LOGICAL!! Although not everything is logical in this world, as you can’t expect a drunk Flying Spaghetti Monster to create a world that makes sense!!!

    Peace, Love, and Pirates!!

  4. Barnacle Bill the Sailor says:

    Ye can Arr-gue all day long, me hearties, whether they be true pirates or not. But if they be low in pollution, well now, I’m sure somebody be doing something right.

  5. Darwin says:

    May be they actually have peg legs? How can you be sure they haven’t? Furthermore, has anybody of the critics tried to wear a traditional pirate hat on a speedboat at full speed? I say, these guys are true pirates, just somewhat adapted to modern necessities. I am sure, after having collected the ransom, they will turn their attention to a fine bottle of rum!


  6. Zankou says:


    I actually did LOL.


  7. Landrew the Flatulent says:

    I feel compelled to spend an extended time with a fine bottle of rum to convene with His Noodliness. Perhaps I will be blessed with a vision.

  8. YankeeNoodle says:

    They look like butt-pirates. Generally these types release more emissions. Further proof of his mysterious ways.

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