Somalia – Lots of Pirates, low Carbon Emissions

Published April 14th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson


Congrats to Colin for contributing the latest evidence in our Pirates Vs. Global-Warming link:

Somalia has the highest number of Pirates AND the lowest Carbon emissions of any country. Coincidence?



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  1. TheFewTheProudTheMarinara says:

    Let’s say you were poor fishermen, just scrapping out a living in a lawless land. Since there was no central government to speak of, multinational fishing companies pillaged you fishing grounds. When you protested, you were met with gunfire. What to do? Two options come to mind. 1) Starve 2) Take it out on those rich foreigners.

    Just goes to show you how the “good” people of the world can create pirates.

  2. Captain NoBrain says:

    The critisim of pirates is itself a sin and can be regarded as Blasphemy. Shame on all of you who would condemn the fellow brethern. You must believe!!!!! Just look at the evidence……these are real pirates and they more than likely do distrubute candy to children in Somalia. This candy has to be paid for somehow…….booty!!!!! It is completely unfair how the are treated on the world stage by the western powers. This is a prime example of US and EU aggression against ordinary decent pirates. Please note also that the US and EU are primarily Christian countries. Once again the agressive Christian attacks the poor Pastifarian. The day is coming my fellow pirates when the world will be washed in a wave of hot sauce. When this happens it will be stale beer for the Christians!!!!!! Mark my words our lord the FSM is coming to judge us all and the wicked will behold his wrath.

  3. lol says:

    that is no pirates they are a normal fishers

  4. gorgo says:

    Of course this is no coincidence: both can be said to be linked to the state of societal and technological development, and in this respect the linking of pirates with carbon emissions is a bad example for bad science. It is a valid hypothesis that their trends do share some common causes.

    • gorgo says:

      to avoid any misunderstandings: by “valid hypothesis” I actually meant “legitimate hypothesis”, i.e. nothing regarding the outcome of (in)validation attempts of the hypothesis was implied.

  5. Malinchak says:

    Great post.

  6. JOHN says:

    I love spagetti but i hate the idea of a god behind it, and the pirates that is associated with global warming, this is totally idiot… the spagetti god followers must be some really disturbed mind, facts is, some idiots follow them. Don’t know for what reason, except for fun! JOHN.

    • Omnipotent Zombie says:

      Do you want to know what’s really totally idiot? People who think that FSM is a real religion and not a satire on religion. I could recomend that you go to the “About” tab and find out for yourself.. but I’m not feeling very helpful right now.

  7. Raj Mohan says:

    Burn in hell you non believers

    • Keith says:

      Non believers in what, pray tell?

    • TheFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

      I believe in rationality, not superstition. I believe in action, not kneeling and wishing. I believe in humility and helping others, not pomposity.

      By the way, wouldn’t a truly religious person wish for our conversion, rather than our damnation? Know yourself first, ass.

      • Keith says:

        “To thine own self, be enough!” was the advice the Trolls gave to Peer Gynt. (Mind you, the Trolls were Huldre Folk, as hollow as rotten trees.)

    • SillyKiwiMan says:

      Drink stale beer & catch the clap, YOU non-believer.

  8. Sean says:

    happy 10 year anniversary! Remember He boiled for your sins.

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