Rolling Stone

Published April 26th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson


Rolling Stone has featured the Flying Spaghetti Monster in its latest issue – the one with Keith Richards and Mick Jagger on the cover – the April 17, 2008 issue, pictured to the right. Check out page 39.

RS has a huge circulation; who knows how many converts we gained. It’s cool to see the mainstream media picking up on the fastest growing religion in the world.

The article – Investigating Bush – is about Rep. Henry Waxman, Chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. More or less, he’s the guy calling out the Bush Administration on their bullshit. I could not be more pleased that the FSM was included – I have a lot of respect for Rep. Waxman, as I imagine many Pastafarians do.

I’ve included a couple scans. Click to enlarge.


The FSM is placed furthest to the left on the “with us – against us” scale. That is awesome.

This is the second time that the FSM has been featured in Rolling Stone. The first was in the November 3, 2005 issue. Hoobastank vocalist Doug Robb was wearing an FSM shirt. He also thanked the the FSM on their last album’s cover-art.


40 Responses to “Rolling Stone”

  1. Boeg spriet says:

    This issue of Rolling Stone just came out in Holland. Being curious what this FSM was all about, I decided to have a look on your website. I must say, miracles DO happen: i am in instant convert!


  2. Michael Z. Williamson says:

    While I support Pastafarianism and Evolution, Waxman is otherwise a cockbag. The only salute he’ll get from me involves one finger.

  3. ME DUH says:


  4. EvolvingBetterPasta says:

    I like the idea of the spaghetti cookout – cannibalism has a long tradition in many religions!! Of course I’ll bring the beer volcano and the tub of marinara for the baptisms

  5. BluCheezdip says:

    Only crows can utter CAWments.

  6. BluCheezdip says:

    Pasta & (Name!)

  7. Erac says:

    This makes me damn proud to be from Tennessee.

  8. Roselyn Ninnemann says:

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