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Published April 26th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson


Rolling Stone has featured the Flying Spaghetti Monster in its latest issue – the one with Keith Richards and Mick Jagger on the cover – the April 17, 2008 issue, pictured to the right. Check out page 39.

RS has a huge circulation; who knows how many converts we gained. It’s cool to see the mainstream media picking up on the fastest growing religion in the world.

The article – Investigating Bush – is about Rep. Henry Waxman, Chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. More or less, he’s the guy calling out the Bush Administration on their bullshit. I could not be more pleased that the FSM was included – I have a lot of respect for Rep. Waxman, as I imagine many Pastafarians do.

I’ve included a couple scans. Click to enlarge.


The FSM is placed furthest to the left on the “with us – against us” scale. That is awesome.

This is the second time that the FSM has been featured in Rolling Stone. The first was in the November 3, 2005 issue. Hoobastank vocalist Doug Robb was wearing an FSM shirt. He also thanked the the FSM on their last album’s cover-art.


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  1. James says:

    Cells don’t have consciousness, and fetuses, only in the late stages, develop some kind of reaction. Women can die from pregnancies that go to full term so the have to abort. And it could also be just financially impossible. Why would a baby even want a life that will most likely be pretty shitty. How about stem cells, with a potential human life, an egg and a pice of skin, they can clone stem cells for research. Also, on smoking, although I’m not a smoker or a pot head, I believe that it is the people’s right to do as they wish as long as it doesn’t put others at an UNNECESSARY risk. So do you also not support the right to die? Because if these people smoking are killing themselves, why do you care?

  2. Gaia4president says:

    I’m sorry, shplane, but there are more than enough reasons for the pro-choice movement. Consider, for a moment, where most of these abortions come from. Is it upper class citizens who are out neglecting themselves and their way of life, or perhaps the less informed and the less provided for? The latter not only produces more teenage pregnancies and abortions, but it also is the source of more criminals and murderers. Perhaps one of those babies that gets aborted would be the next Martin Luther King, but maybe too it would have been the next Charlie Manson. Either are likely, but one is more likely than the other. Not gonna go Swiftian on you here, but the poor are the ones who lead the numbers that you’re professing.

    Too, this world is over populated and we’re just not having enough wars to thin ourselves down enough. Perhaps the need for limiting the number of children we can have has come upon us…

  3. Fizzmick Pa Chee says:

    Captain Shplane, I agree with you that abortion should generally be prohibited. With one exception, – unless the woman wants one!
    Are you against the birth control pill too? Because this method of contraception is technically an abortion. If life begins at fertilization , the pill aborts this by preventing implantation in the uterus.

  4. doozie says:

    it stinks that a discussion of good news is ruined by people trying to preach their morals. Totally going against what the FSM stands for…

  5. Cleetus Van Damme says:

    Booby please let us know with a big news item once that statue gets erected! A roadtrip to Crossville, Tennessee will then be in order for all Pastafarians. Maybe we can have a spaghetti cookout down there or something. Of course the bible thumpers down there may not take too kindly to Pastafarians invading their town and they could turn it into an ugly scene from Easy Rider or a Billy Jack movie. Christians can be such loving people when they perceive of anything critical of their God (NOT!).

  6. James D King of Pirates says:

    This is really amazing, as a Canadian i am glad to be a part of helping people discover the true america.
    RAmen to all

  7. Crabbcakes says:

    @Cleetus Van Damme, You will be fine my friend…Tennessee is in fact a secret pirate stronghold because I believe that long ago a large group of pirates journeyed up the Mississippi River, and established a “secret cove” of pirate affluence.

  8. Scurvy Driftwood says:


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