religious license plates in Florida

Published April 28th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

The picture above is a specialty plate being considered in Florida. It would be the first specialty plate in the US to promote a specific religion.

I think it’s fine, so long as other religions are allowed specialty plates, too. I can’t imagine their argument against allowing that, but you know they’ve got one already. Something like “Christian plates are OK because Christianity is the correct religion.”

No surprise, the ACLU’s on top of it:

The problem with the state manufacturing the plate is that it “sends a message that Florida is essentially a Christian state” and, second, gives the “appearance that the state is endorsing a particular religious preference,” said Howard Simon, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida.

Florida Rep. Kelly Skidmore has some common sense:

“It’s not a road I want to go down. I don’t want to see the Star of David next. I don’t want to see a Torah next. None of [those other religions that I am not a part of] are appropriate to me,” said Skidmore, a Democrat who voted against the plate in committee. “I just believe that.”

Fair warning, Florida: If your Christian plate is approved, the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster WILL seek our own plate promoting Pastafarianism.

Pastafarians, let’s start designing the plate now. Please send me your submissions!

Pastafarian Mike’s design:

Pastafarian DeeLawn’s design:

Pastafarian Kevin’s designs:



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  1. zach says:

    I live in florida and I would purchase one of the FSM license plates.
    I think that integration of religion into state affairs is horrible.

  2. C. Felix says:

    Lets us know the e-mails of said people who are in favor of it, so we may bombard them with lofty cannonballs made up of e-mail, demanding a FSM plate.

  3. Skeptical Monkey says:

    Has anyone taken the poll on AOL’s story and noticed the results? Apparently not all religions should be allowed on a license plate, just Christianity. We looked into it a bit more…:




  4. Marf says:

    That FSM sample plate needs a pirate ship on the horizon, and I don’t think that one noodly appendage under the “SAMPL” needs to be that long. Other than that it looks great.

    Now you just need an Alaska plate so I can see them around here.

  5. charlie says:

    ya know, i used to think that utah was pretty extreme, religious-wise, but even it has stuck to putting skiers and tourist attractions on its license plates. I can safely say a move to put a Mormon symbol on the plate would go nowhere, seeing as how even the Legislature (90 percent lds) knows there are some lines not to cross.

    Or maybe Mormons in utah are just more secure. Constant reinforcement is the realm of the insecure. What scare Florida Christians, one has to ask?

  6. Elise the Pirate says:

    I like Pastafarian Mike’s design.
    I would be thrilled to see a FSM plate if anyone from florida comes to my home town to participate in the Tarpon Rodeo this summer.

  7. Ed says:

    I can do you one better.


    That’s the link to the Florida statute describing the process for getting a specialty plate in Florida. $60k sounds like a lot, but I think there are probably enough Pastafarians out there to make it happen. Anyone who seriously wishes to pursue the FSM plate, please feel free to email me at estnod at gmail.

  8. Cleetus Van Damme says:

    Too funny. What will the lunatic fringe think of next? Why stop at license plates? Why not christian images on drivers’ licenses? The older I get the more disgusted I get….

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