More evidence of the pirates – temperature relationship

Published April 4th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

The evidence for the relationship between pirates and global temperature continues to mount.

CNN reports, “The International Maritime Bureau, which tracks piracy, said in its annual report earlier this year that global pirate attacks rose by 10 percent in 2007, marking the first increase in three years. ”


Then, BBC News reports “Global Temperatures to decrease“.

The mainstream media may ignore the pirate-temperature link that Pastafarians have long known, but soon the evidence will be so overwhelming that they cannot ignore the Truth.

Further evidence: Google Trends shows a very solid relationship.


That screenshot is remarkable and 100% legit – not doctored. You can try it yourself here.

Congrats to Pastafarians Oliver and Adrian for spotting the CNN/BBC evidence.

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  1. Len Guini says:

    @ Ian K
    dude, go to wiktionary.org, and look up the following words for me: sarcasm, humor, satire, irony. Let me know what you find.

  2. Teli says:

    I didn’t need this evidence in order to BELIEVE.

    I already knew that the number of pirates affect the global warming. It is said so in the RED book, therefore it is true.

  3. Maldark says:

    This is a conumdrum. Did the increase in piracy cause global warming to stop, or did the stop of global warming cause there to be more pirates?

    We may never know, RA-men.

  4. James D King of Pirates says:

    It gets even cooler if you modify the search for all years, but leave it at all regions, and the graph really looks cool, this owever is the closest it gets.

  5. James D King of Pirates says:

    this is truly a greed oriented society


    and yet pasta prevents gambling


    And we still beat out the church of google

    Random things are fun, try it yourself

  6. Alexander says:

    Well, not the first one to spot the power of these news, but just for completeness, here is the link to the original news on the rise in piracy by the competent international body: http://www.icc-ccs.org/main/news.php?newsid=102

  7. Vermicelli says:

    Likely just a statistical anomaly.

  8. Cap'n Wolf says:

    Yay! The pirates are returning!

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