unexpected fsm sighting in painting

Published April 12th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

I have been a fan of this site for some time. I have kept my devotion relatively silent, just telling a few of my most trusted friends (all of which are a bit eccentric and good humored.)

My daughter is 4, and although she is quite the free spirit, I have never mentioned FSM to her, as I am trying to let her discover most of her spiritual beliefs on her own. I came home from work the other day to find her latest artwork attached to my refrigerator. She tells me it’s a crab, but it bears an uncanny resemblance to FSM in my opinion.

“And a child shall lead them …”

Definitely the FSM.
She is clearly a gifted child.

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  1. Sedrick the Entertainer says:

    OMG this is the best drawing of FSM i have ever seen
    i want to take this childs daughter in for studies for ESP
    im not kidding

  2. Curtis says:

    Your daughter has definitely been touchd by his noodly appendage!
    Bless you and her in his holy sauces.

  3. devoted says:

    i love religious art!!! so special!

  4. some dude in memphis says:

    its ok stop all this maddness!!! i ate the fsm at macaroni grill last night,he was digested in a very tasteful manner.when he came out of my ass 6 hours later he looked up at me with parmasian cheese dripping from his eye and started singing dust in the wind. he told me to tell all of his believers to seek his brother the moon walking jello gobblin for any spiritual advice..

  5. some dude in memphis says:

    im sorry yo inform u guys about this!! the fsm has passed away..I was at the maccaroni grill in memphis and didnt realize untill it was to late,,after waiting 45 min for my food this strange looking person lurked from kitchen with a huge plate of noodles and two huge meaty balls..it was prepared beautifuly..it was like it was staring at me. to make a long story short at it and must i say it was the best damn meat and noodles ive ever had. 6 hours later my stomach began to make a stange sound i listend closer and ill be damned if it wasnt singing, DUST IN THE WIND,then here it came flying out of my ass,he looked up at me with crying with parmasian cheese running from his eyes…he told me…ghgjwgjheggfygghghashyuy….the translation to that is tell my good people to seek my brother the moon walking jello gobblin for spiritual advive,for now it is time for me to spread my good word to other places like uranus..any how i hate to be the one to tell u this but u all should know.. anyway please dont try to contact me i dont need the attention……………. your friend some dude from memphis

  6. Bucken says:

    It seems you have a failing digestive system. Please go see a doctor.

  7. parker says:

    I bet crabs were created in the image of Him.

  8. Ben says:

    I have a similar story. My little girl loves to draw, and she always draws the same thing. It’s one line that goes round and round in a random pattern. Then she stops, looks at it for a while and says ‘snake’. It could be that she is drawing a snake, or perhaps it’s just that I haven’t taught her the word spagetti yet.

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