unexpected fsm sighting in painting

Published April 12th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

I have been a fan of this site for some time. I have kept my devotion relatively silent, just telling a few of my most trusted friends (all of which are a bit eccentric and good humored.)

My daughter is 4, and although she is quite the free spirit, I have never mentioned FSM to her, as I am trying to let her discover most of her spiritual beliefs on her own. I came home from work the other day to find her latest artwork attached to my refrigerator. She tells me it’s a crab, but it bears an uncanny resemblance to FSM in my opinion.

“And a child shall lead them …”

Definitely the FSM.
She is clearly a gifted child.

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  1. Pirate Preacher says:


  2. Melanie says:

    Merry Meatballs!

    I know the artist and can attest that she is a pirate/noodle activist in the making. Bless her, and her mother, for introducing me to all that is noodly.

  3. Newly found FSM worshipper says:

    Ask the FSM if he had touched the child with his Noodly appendage

  4. Pastaviking says:

    I want to buy this for MY daughter, she is only 17months. Come to think of it, some of her drawings looks like pasta…

  5. ME DUH says:

    Congratulations, your child has been blessed. May she (and all other children and adults) bathe in the warmth of the FSM’s sauce and be embraced by His Noodly Appendage!


  6. Jim says:

    I have the same story – we have never mentioned the FSM to our 4yo daughter until she bought home the picture that is linked last week.

  7. Barnacle Bill the Sailor says:

    Oh now, that’s really sweet! I’d be proud to display that on my refrigerator, for sure!
    I have to go along with the t-shirt idea.

  8. NuttyWithPower says:

    oh my god she is a chosen one!!!

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