unexpected fsm sighting in painting

Published April 12th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

I have been a fan of this site for some time. I have kept my devotion relatively silent, just telling a few of my most trusted friends (all of which are a bit eccentric and good humored.)

My daughter is 4, and although she is quite the free spirit, I have never mentioned FSM to her, as I am trying to let her discover most of her spiritual beliefs on her own. I came home from work the other day to find her latest artwork attached to my refrigerator. She tells me it’s a crab, but it bears an uncanny resemblance to FSM in my opinion.

“And a child shall lead them …”

Definitely the FSM.
She is clearly a gifted child.

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  1. Turtle says:

    Truly an awesome site. Nobody can deny that this is a depiction of His Noodlyness and this child has truly been Touched.

  2. Cape Buffalo says:

    absolutly beautiful

  3. Barb says:

    Thanks for all the praise, gang. I’ve known that my sweet girl was gifted for some time, but it’s always good to hear it from others!

    I am totally behind the T-shirt idea. I think we’d probably buy one for everyone in the family. To the web powers that be here, if you are considering this and need a higher res scan of this picture for printing let me know.

  4. Paul The Burptist says:

    Her hands must have been truly guided by the touch of His Noodly appendage. She is a chosen profit. Can you ask her what the winning lottery numbers for next week are please? It’s not for me you understand, I will gladly donate my winnings to the Church of the FSM. Unless I change my mind. I’ll leave that decision in the Noodly appendages of the FSM.

  5. ET, the Extra Terrestrial says:

    Your daughter rules. How long until I can vote for her for president?

  6. Michael says:

    This should be available to us all! RAmen!

  7. Michael says:


  8. James D King of Pirates says:

    Be proud you have a very talented child.

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