Moby: musician, pastafarian

Published April 7th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

I was at the opening for Moby’s new cd at Virgin Records at Union Square.

I have been listening to his music since I was 12 (year 2000-Play)

Not only does he create awesome music, he is also nice, smart, and extremely hilarious, AND he was wearing a Flying Spaghetti Monster Shirt! How could it get any better??

I asked if it was ok if maybe you’d like to post this photo of him wearing it and he said sure! So here you go! Two Moby photos!

He says it is awesome when people recognize FSM on his shirts.

You get the photos, but the autographs are mine (:




[You can purchase this shirt here.]

Awesome. I like Moby, and I’m very happy to hear that he’s Spreading the Word. And not only by wearing the shirt … The Miami New Times has included in its report of the Miami Winter Music Carnival the following:

Best Moby sighting: Around 4:30 a.m. Saturday night/Sunday morning on the Studio A dance floor, approaching the afterhours portion of the Fixed WMC Freakout party, there he was. We’ve learned Moby loves dancing among the general masses, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and hipster chicks of all flavors.

The Church of the FSM thanks you for your support, Moby!

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  1. ME DUH says:

    OH YEAH!!!!!! WE REALLY NEED CELEBS!!! ASK HIM TO GET THE WORD OUTTTTTT!!! I know that he’s wearing the shirt but I’m sure most people don’t know what it means and don’t care much. Yeah, maybe he could do a song about us!!! or a commercial thingy!!
    PPL (peace love & pirates!!)

  2. PacificPam says:

    @SeanBoyd: Because I am very vain…and, since I don’t know him and cannot say that he is smart or not I just go by the looks =)

  3. Chinius P Spiderbeak says:

    Hey Bob, good to hear you have Moby on board the pirate ship, he’s a musician that speaks a lot of sense , more than rappers goin on about bitches and bling. Anyway, sorry to be pedantic but I dont see how you were 12 in 2000, as Im sure I read you were born around the same time as me (1979) and I bought play in 2000 when I was 20

    Or is this a deliberate demonstration of how the FSM adjust numbers, calculations ,dates etc with his noodly appendage??

  4. hexhunter says:

    “he’s a musician that speaks a lot of sense , more than rappers goin on about bitches and bling.”

    Yeah, now we know his lyrics are about Wenches and Loot…

  5. MettyC says:

    not only is he a pastafarian and a vegetarian, he also plays dungeons and dragons! Nerds unite!

  6. sarah says:

    kanye west would be an awesome pastafarian….

  7. Tim says:

    You do all know that Moby believes in God and Jesus don’t you? He is only against organised form of Christianity and their ultra conservative Christianity.

    “In about 1985 I read the teachings of Christ and was instantly struck by the idea that Christ was somehow divine. When I say I love Christ and love the teachings of Christ I mean that in the most simple and naïve and subjective way. I’m not saying I’m right, and I certainly wouldn’t criticize anyone else’s beliefs.”

    “I read the New Testament, specifically the gospels and I was struck at their divinity, feeling that humans could not have figured this out on their own. We’re just not bright enough.”

  8. Darwin'sMonkey says:

    I agree Tim but the strange thing about the guy is tomorrow he might be walking down 35th ave. with rosary beads and a crucifix and the next day in a Muslim shrowd, I don’t think he’s really set on one belief….. at least what I’ve read. ( oh and yes i was going to the extreme with the conditions)

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