Moby: musician, pastafarian

Published April 7th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

I was at the opening for Moby’s new cd at Virgin Records at Union Square.

I have been listening to his music since I was 12 (year 2000-Play)

Not only does he create awesome music, he is also nice, smart, and extremely hilarious, AND he was wearing a Flying Spaghetti Monster Shirt! How could it get any better??

I asked if it was ok if maybe you’d like to post this photo of him wearing it and he said sure! So here you go! Two Moby photos!

He says it is awesome when people recognize FSM on his shirts.

You get the photos, but the autographs are mine (:




[You can purchase this shirt here.]

Awesome. I like Moby, and I’m very happy to hear that he’s Spreading the Word. And not only by wearing the shirt … The Miami New Times has included in its report of the Miami Winter Music Carnival the following:

Best Moby sighting: Around 4:30 a.m. Saturday night/Sunday morning on the Studio A dance floor, approaching the afterhours portion of the Fixed WMC Freakout party, there he was. We’ve learned Moby loves dancing among the general masses, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and hipster chicks of all flavors.

The Church of the FSM thanks you for your support, Moby!

25 Responses to “Moby: musician, pastafarian”

  1. mynx says:

    i knew it ..i knew it.. i knew it…
    there was a divine connection…..

    moby…the noodly appendage has certainly given him da blessings

  2. sarah says:

    i think moby is cute…kind of old for me though….yeah.

  3. amorphousblob says:

    hmm. old? not good looking? a deeper study of your faith my dears will teach that we do not tell others they are old, or not good looking, even if they are famous and you are speaking anonymously. for you too shall be old, you may become famous, and you may not be good looking to just everyone. had you considered that moby has feelings, that he is not an icon or a comic book character, but indeed a sensitive living creature? the noodly one will surely forgive and bless you, as he blesses moby, and me, and everyone else. ramen.

  4. Cap'n Ollie says:

    …can we get him to do a song about the FSM?

  5. sarah says:

    amorphousblob…i’m 19. i think i am allowed to consider him a bit too old to date.


  6. Robert says:

    just what we need famous people to spread the word

  7. Noodles in soy sauce says:

    Well, I always liked his music, now we have a great artist spreading the word, I hope he gets together with David Bowie to record an album for the FSM.

  8. hexhunter says:


    Nice if he’s onboard, no pun intended, I remember seeing him on Buzzcocks, he seemed a nice guy, plus he’s veggy.

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