i personally think you are the worlds biggest piece of shit

Published April 28th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

i personally think you are the worlds biggest piece of shit, i live in kansas and read your letter to the school board and i have to admit i thought that facism was the most retarded thing i’d ever heard, well now i’m wrong i hope somebody beats your head in with a metal pipe, hey come to wamego kansas and i’m sure somebody can make sure that happens
sincerely joe [removed]
life long catholic
redneck and proud of it
WHS Football lineman GO! Raiders

[I added the bold. -bobby]

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  1. Tricia C. says:

    Why must I live in the same state as this lunitic?!?!?
    I must go hide under my bed now!


  2. Manfred (man of peace) says:

    Wow. These so called “Christians” certainly do not seem so loving as they would like to tell eveyone they are. What’s the word I’m looking for…Hypocracy? Hateful? Intolerant? Fanatics?

  3. seanpboyd says:

    That’s funny…someone who lives in one of the world’s largest pieces of shit throwing that description at our prophet.

  4. TheFewTheProudTheMarinara says:

    Let’s see…you think facism is retarded, but here you are (probably in hunting boots) anxious to beat people who disagree with you with a lead pipe. Hey, get yourself a black shirt and a cropped hairdo and you’d fit right in with Mussolini’s boys.

  5. Lisa says:

    “i hope somebody beats your head in with a metal pipe”
    How I love the peace and friendlyness of the bible.

    May the FSM touch you and show you the one true path

  6. Alison Australia says:

    From one loving catholic to another, I’m pretty sure that
    a) calling someone a piece of shit and
    b) threatening to beat some ones head in with a metal pipe
    for having a sense of humor goes against the teachings of our church??? Correct me if I am wrong…..

    Love Alison (St Kevins Parish)

  7. Mehof says:

    I have found that the FSM is a loving god, who encompasses all religions. The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster does not discriminate against other religions, so why should they discriminate against ours. I find that there is no more proof for the Christian God than there is for the FSM. When Christianity teaches acceptance and tolerance, why are you all so against this, when it is somewhat like what you believe. I think you should try the 30 day god-back guarantee, and discover the wonderful touch of his noodly appendage

  8. spaghetti lover says:

    I see that you are another tolerant Christian. Way to go.

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